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    How much are my s1 18" star alloys with tyres worth?

    Hi guys, Looking to potentially drop down to 17 inch alloys. Just wondered how much people reckon the oem 18 star alloys are worth, all in good condition with only 1 with a couple of stone chips, tyres with about 5mm of tread?
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    S1 car meets?

    Hi guys, Was just wondering if anyone knew of any s1 car meets coming up or scheduled as I think it would be pretty cool to see everyone else's builds and obviously have some fun! Cheers
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    S1 3" stainless steel catback straight pipes. What to expect?!

    Hi all, My s1 is in having a 3 inch stainless steel straight pipe fitted from the catback, no resonators, and no backbox. What can i expect sound wise noise wise etc? Any pops? Just as a heads up, it will be valvetronic to 2 backboxes, but when open it will be completely straight through, so I...