1. S

    Wanted WTB 1.8T tubular manifold, turbo and Silicone TIP

    Right, well out the loop as I haven't owned a K04 car for nearly 12 years. I'm sticking a BAM in my Mk2 Golf and I'm after some parts. The engine I have sourced has a cracked standard turbo, so I figure why replace when you can upgrade. Looking for the following... - Tubular exhaust manifold...


    I need opinions please, the objective is to make 300ish hp in the future for manly street driving
  3. craigt1985

    Wanted 1.8T Quattro Avant B5/B6/B7/C5

    After an A4 or A6 Quattro Avant - manual to drop my forged 1.8t 20v engine into, after a clean example; but will pay good money and travel for the right car. Show me what you've got!
  4. Albinhj

    A3 8L 1.8Ts Mods after stage 1 remap

    Hello! I have owned my A3 1.8Ts for about 6 months and have been driving it daily, recently i got a stage 1 remap and making an estimated 215Hp/320Nm and loving it! and im now looking for some easy mods to get some more ponies that dont require a new tune. Not looking to spend huge amounts of...
  5. G

    Every spark plug fouled and gas economy of 160km per tank

    Hello everybody, i want to start by saying i'm new here and thanking you in advance for your knowledge, suggestions and opinions. I have an Audi A3 8L 2005 with AGU engine and about 100.000kms, i have bought it about a year ago but after a complete gearbox overhaul (not performed by me) and...
  6. golfprince

    first steps for 200+ hp with an AGU

    Hi guys, I'm happy to say I've just became an owner of my first turbo car (1998 Mk4 GTI), it has an AGU engine thats why I'm posting on an Audi forum (same engine as the A3). I've done some research all over forums for what to do to get more power. I'm aiming for over 200 ill be happy with 215...
  7. J

    B5 1.8T audi 80 swap?

    Hi all, Was trying to find the correct area to post this but this seemed the most appropriate. I have a classic shower thought project idea that's clearly been done quite a number of times but was hoping to find someone who has info or has already tried it. I'm a big fan of the Audi 80 B4...
  8. E

    Wanted B7 Convertible

    Hi everyone, I am after a B7 A4 convertible, must be petrol and manual either 1.8t or 2.0tfsi no 3.2’s, I’ll buy on condition and history rather than mileage. I’m based in Kent, please get in touch if you have one to sell,
  9. AS-A4Cab

    Full lock judder - PAS Pump?

    Hello one and all! I have a 1.8T A4 Cab (B7 chassis) FWD. Recently my drive shaft went caput - luckily at very low speed. I've had those replaced, along with associated CV joints etc. Now - the whole car shudders on full lock to the left - the car doesnt need to be in motion for this to...
  10. DrStrange

    Short Video Clips - Stage 3 1.8t Quattro Cabriolet. (pops and bangs)

    Hi All, Im still here and loving my car. So many mods done but never any decent clips of the noise it makes when at redline. Just a little show off really. When clean --> https://www.dropbox.com/s/whak2oax8dwdv8m/VID_20190824_192216.mp4?dl=0 Clip 1 -...
  11. Z

    Audi A4 1.8T Exhaust

    Just looking for some advise on exhausts for my A4 1.8T B8. All i want is to have a deeper sound to the car and no cracks or bangs. Im not looking for any performance gains as my remap will be enough for me. I have thought about the rear muffler delete but not sure if this would give the drone...
  12. X

    My Audi S3 8L - Introduction

    Hi Fellow Audi owners I have not had a chance with posting my car, Have a look and enjoy, Subscribe so i know if i need to keep up the content, I have a list of items im going to cover on this car , will need help on this build from you guys as well.
  13. Z

    Audi A4 B8 1.8T Remap

    Hi, I have a Audi A4 B8 1.8T with 120k on the clock. i currently have 160bhp and want that extra bit of power through the rev range. I want to know if anyone has experienced any issues after stage 1 remap, because of the miles on the car i dont want to put extra strain on the engine and turbo...
  14. Foufdog

    For Sale Audi A3 1.8T Sport for sale £1000

    Here for sale is my trusty little A3 2001 Audi A3 1.8 Turbo Sport Dark Metallic Blue Good condition for age and Low mileage for age. Oil and filter change every year Cambelt kit and water pump replaced at 78000 miles New battery New Starter Motor New Brake discs and Pads all round New...
  15. A

    Help Please A4 B8.5 Manual Gearbox Issues (no oil)

    I have a 2014 A4 petrol manual (B8.5), front wheel drive with around 20k miles. A few months ago, the clutch started slipping so I took the car to a local indie garage (Audi wanted 3k for the repair...) who replaced the clutch and flywheel (both of which had definitely worn at a low mileage??)...
  16. Warsuperior

    FCP X Rod ?

    Does anyone have any reviews or experience about FCP X-Rod for 1.8t engine? They advertise them as 1000hp/9000rpm rods and "pauter" style. Im thinking of playing safe and buying "name brand" rods for my build They are 500€/set so not bad but are they worth it? Other I would consider is IE...
  17. Nathxn__

    Catch can question S3 8L

    Hi my catch was previously vented to atmosphere due to fumes I decided to plumb it back into the tip via the hockey puck as I was advised to do this. Just wondered if anyone would be kind enough to share their thoughts/set ups.. Thanks
  18. S

    Project A4 half rebuild headgasket replacment

    Good morning all. I thought I would be a cool idea for me to post up my progress on my current project, I little history. So I got the car 4 years ago from a family member after he purchased it from a so called mechanic (more like bodge it and scarper) for the first year I ended up with the...
  19. Warsuperior

    Audi S3 "Punisher" 2.1L stroker build, image heavy

    So I have started to acquire parts to build 2067cc engine Car is -99 S3 and its basically rebuild, here is topic for that: https://www.audi-sport.net/xf/threads/s3-gtx2860r-gen-ii-build.364995/ Parts list so far: - AGU bigport engine from my A3 - JE-pistons 83mm CR 9.5:1 (thanks to...
  20. H

    A3 8P - Do not exceed 4000RPM

    ALL! I keep receiving an error message on my Audi a3 black ed 1.8t 2010 Petrol It says do not exceed 4000rpm. However when i switch the car off and on it goes away. There is NO epc light when this comes on. Its happened on and off for about a year now. One thing that might be related i...