1. D

    Audi A3 2007 whining.

    Hi guys, I’m new here but figured id be using this forum a lot now I’ve bought a 8P as a power project. I’ve just bought this A3 140k miles got it for fairly cheap. The lad selling it said “it’s been mapped I’m sure but I’ve not done it” usual Cade so it’ll be going to my good mates to check...
  2. P

    Rust on door frame

    Hello guys, I just purchased an 07 8P in great condition, except a few nicks here and there I'm faced with the following problem: I have some rust building up on the door frame under the seal Is there any easy way to fix this? Maybe just clean the rust under the seal and re-seal it? I'm...
  3. M

    A3 8P 1.9tdi cut out no power but turns over, oil overfill???

    Hi just wondering if anyone has any suggestions. Was driving today 70mph and engine suddenly cuts out looses all power. Fortumately manage to pull over in lay by tried to start but it just turns over nothing else. Popped the bonnet and it seems that oil has spluttered out all around the oil cap...
  4. Róbert Piller

    1.9TDI PD130 AVF quattro with GTB2260VK

    Hello, I currently own Audi A4 B6 sedan 1.9TDI PD130 AVF quattro and I would like to upgrade to GTB2260VK from 3.0TDI. I plan to upgrade to FMIC, Firad 80 injectors, race camshaft, performance dualmass and clutch, 70mm exhaust. The car is a daily driver and my tuning company told me to aim for...
  5. Asahi

    Coolant Leak

    My 2004 Avant 1.9tdi has gradually needed the coolant topped up more frequently to the point now where every few drives the coolant warning light comes on and the expansion tank is empty so I really need to address the cause. Went for a drive in the hopes to create pressure in the system, I...
  6. Craig hopkins

    A/C problems, I'm lost.

    Hi all, I've never been able to get my A/C to work on my 2002 1.9tdi AWX, first time it was due to the high pressure sensor being bad which I replaced but it had been emptied of refrigerant so couldn't test it. Had it filled up the other day and econ light now stays off (no high pressure...
  7. B

    Diesel in intercooler pipes

    Got a problem and looking for any help. I recently got pd150 injectors installed in my Pd105 aswell as a hybrid turbo, asz bottom end, new camshaft kit. After running it up to temp and then turning it off for the night I come back the next morning and it spluttered and stopped running. Wouldn't...
  8. Armanis

    A3 1.9tdi Quattro Sports 2002

    So i got a question I’m looking to buy one 1.9tdi Quattro, I know they rare but what the value at ? Do you think later down the line the price would go up? And what to look out for when you buying one? Main problems they have and just a qeneral review from who has one to be honest
  9. L

    2008 8P2 1.9TDI S-Line Strut size?

    Hello, I recently bought a 2008 A3 S-Line, 1.9TDI. Anyone know what strut size that would be? Already bought 55mm coilovers because I initially was misinformed from another website and thought I had a facelift model, but after seeing a post on here somewhere, I realised it's an 8p2... I'm...
  10. Jwallerr


    Hi there ! I have a Audi a3 1.9TDI from 2009 in black and really want to give it a more sporty feel. I have already looked at TDI box tuning and simple things like air filters but really want to change the look too ! My Main ideas are Black Grill carbon front splitter wind deflectors de...
  11. A

    A4 By 1.9 Tdi smoke and won't rev past 2000

    Hello hope someone can help, i bought a A4 B6 1.9tdi not running. Reason was a bad pickup pump in the tank which i replaced today . However despite car now starting after 5 seconds of cranking it wont rev beyond 2000rpm and has absolutely no power. Then is black smoke especially when i attempt...
  12. F

    1.9TDI B7 6Speed Gearbox into 6 Speed 1.9TDI B6

    I would like some advice as I am sure these will be a straight swap from one car to another as the chassis are the same. Will a 1.9TDI B7 6Speed Gearbox fit into 6 Speed 1.9TDI B6 without any modifications? Any advice would be appreciated :yum:
  13. Nathan Bailey

    Crankshaft Sensor Conversion?

    I have recently fitted a pd130 ASZ engine into my Audi A3 replacing the pd105 BXE engine as this had spun a shell and seized the engine. The only problem now is it will not start as the crankshaft sensor if different, I can get the engine started by spraying a fuel substitute into the inlet...
  14. B5-PJ

    Boost Issues 1.9tdi

    Hi guys/gals have a little problem with my diesel, when i get to 3500/4000 rpm in 1st & 5th my car seems to loose all boost, in all gears like its in limp home mode, switch it of and on and it will boost again, been told it may be the boost controller. Anyone else had this issue, common problem...
  15. Mujnu

    BV39 or GT1646V

    I've been looking all over the net for some information on this but can't find anything at all so thought I'd turn to everyone on here :). I have an A3 1.9tdi BKC 55 plate (registered in 06). I've been trying to find out what turbo is in my car, I've been told for my engine code, turbos were...