1. S

    Wanted WTB 1.8T tubular manifold, turbo and Silicone TIP

    Right, well out the loop as I haven't owned a K04 car for nearly 12 years. I'm sticking a BAM in my Mk2 Golf and I'm after some parts. The engine I have sourced has a cracked standard turbo, so I figure why replace when you can upgrade. Looking for the following... - Tubular exhaust manifold...
  2. Sandip

    Sandip's Silver TQS

    Hi Everyone, not posted on here for a while, not a big post anyway. Thought i'd share where i am with my Silver B5 TQS. Members a more familiars with me from when i had my 8L S3 with the 3.2 v6 conversion, sold that on a while ago now (it's getting pampered) and moved onto my favorite...
  3. X

    My Audi S3 8L - Introduction

    Hi Fellow Audi owners I have not had a chance with posting my car, Have a look and enjoy, Subscribe so i know if i need to keep up the content, I have a list of items im going to cover on this car , will need help on this build from you guys as well.
  4. S3 Hilife

    92.8 Stroke crankshaft

    I’m looking for some information on which 2.0T FSI crankshaft to buy for my build. I’m a little bit confused and keep getting conflicting information on which part number or engine code to go for. I want to get a forged 92.8mm stroke crank and I have always been under the impression that any...
  5. Mark 20vt 1994123

    Need help with ecu remap/immo delete

    Hello everyone I started a thread a couple of weeks ago due to car not starting I think iv narrowed it down to the ecu getting water damaged. The car is a audi a3 8l 1.8t Engine code- AGU Ecu code - 06A906018cj Took ecu out and opened it up. Was wet inside a lot of moisture and the circuit...