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    Audi TT rims fit on A6 C6 (2004)

    I am really new here to this forum and i would like to know if these rims with 8J0601025C fit to the A6 C6 (2004). I know the bolt pattern is 5-112 and all the other important information. So far it is a 17 X 8, but the offset is 47. I guess the standard offset for the A6 would be 42 / 45. But...
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    Air con not working PLEASE HELP

    Help appreciated. A6 C6 Air con not cold. Regassed no leaks, pressure sensor changed no longer fan on constantly. Fault cleared but still same issue. Compressor seems to be coming on and no other fault codes present. Any advice? Fuses checked but any relays that I could look at?
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    A6 C6 Allroad and Avant Doors

    Hi All, Newbie here - I've managed to crunch both Nearside doors on my 2009 A6 C6 Allroad. My question is, will an A6 Avant door fit on the A6 C6 Allroad? I know the bottom trim will need to be replaced and the little trim on the rear door. However, are they the same doors? Many thanks!
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    2005 A6 C6 - Engine hoist hook bolts?

    So, this is kind of a noob question, probably, but my A6 had an engine swap in February last year, after the previous owner somehow managed to blow up an N/A V6. Still a mystery to me how that might happen... Anyway, the engine hoist hooks/eyelet thingies are still on the engine, and I have to...