audi a3 8y

  1. vakula

    Retrofit A3 (8Y) with Audi Sound System

    Hello friends! I've ordered A3 (8Y) Sportback and awaiting the car in Oct 2022. Unfortunately I had to choose from what was already preconfigured by the dealer and the car will be equipped with a basic sound 6 speakers. I listened in the show car and cried :sadlike: - very weak, mid and high is...
  2. R

    A3 Sportsback 8Y - Loss of Power during Driving

    Hi all, I have bought my new Audi A3 8Y 35TFSI auto transmission for few months (around 2,800 km mileage). Recently I have encountered sudden loss of power during driving. Issue I lifted off the throttle when I was driving at 30-60 km/h. I tried to re-accelerate however the speed did not go...
  3. Hash


    I’ve recently noticed my right hand side mirror on the a3 makes a squeaking noise when unlocking and locking as the mirrors are folding in. Has anyone else had this issue.
  4. Hash

    A3 8Y Edition 1 (lighting,

    Hi guys I’m new here, I’ve recently got a a3 8y edition 1 well it’s been couple month now but just discovered this website ☺️ Anyone know if the ambient lighting can be turned on during as mine only come on in evening? Also Has anyone had luck with coding as I’m wanting lock the car whilst...
  5. Jay Zaccarini

    Continuous Problems - car in garage for a 4th time in 4 months.

    Hi , Just looking for some advice and to see if anybody has had similar issues. I've got an A3 Sportback s-line 30tfsi Manual , picked up on September the 1st this year. I've driven 1700 miles and I've had nothing but problems with this car, i was so looking forward to getting it being a major...