audi a3

  1. Justtin003


    Hello everybody. I've just bought and audi a3 1.4 tfsi 2010 5 doors sports back and I don't b know which one it's it's between 8p 8l 8v.
  2. D

    2015 Audi A3 1.6tdi 8V Saloon

    Hi, I have just changed from a 2007 Toyota Auris 1.4 petrol car to a 2015 Audi A3 1.6tdi S-Line and I am having a weird issue with the car. Please keep in mind I have never driven a diesel!! A little bit about the car Year: 2015 Model: A3 8V S-Line Saloon Gearbox: Manual Milage: 90k miles...
  3. E

    Flat Bottom Steering Wheel upgrade for Audi A3 8P?

    Hi All! Just wondering if anyone knows/could help! Im wanting to see if its possible to upgrade the steering wheel on my current car to a flat bottom one - ive seen a few online on eBay etc however im unsure if they would fit/work, so if anyone knows or has done before id appreciate any...
  4. E

    Audi A6 Le mans wheels on Audi A3?

    Hi everyone! I have a Audi A3 8P 2009 TDI E SPORT and im just wondering if the Audi Le Mans wheels for the Audi A6 would fit? The description says 255/35R19 5x112 A4? They look like the Black edition ones which is why i like them however i know these are 19" so a bit bigger! The seller told me...
  5. y15usf

    Lack of cup holders

    I mean every Audi 8p owner can express on this matter, the car was ******* built with literally no space to put anything especially cups. It's like they forgot about the cupholders when designing the car until last minute where they were like lets put it under the centre console The cup...
  6. Wing Lun

    What happens when you buy a car from Arnold Clark?

    When I retropectively look back, it was a good decision to buy this car because mechnically the car was sound, loads of optional extras, and the price was right. But the more times I handwash my car, the more I realise the paint work on my car is actually horrendous. I don't know who the...
  7. AWP

    Audi A3 2016 Rear Window Limit

    Hello, Does anyone know if the rear windows of an A3 2016 S-Line can be made to go all the way down? At present the windows will go down about 3/4 of the way and stop, is there a way to get them to go completely down? Is it a case of shifting the position of a regulator to achieve this, does...
  8. T33_BKD

    Sold 2006 Audi A3 8P 2.0 TDi 140 Manual S-Line 3dr Brilliant Black

    After almost 6 years of ownership, the time has come to let go of my pride and joy. Will be listing it elsewhere but would ideally like someone on here to take over. It has been meticulously maintained throughout my ownership, with no expenses spared on tasteful modifications and upgrades. The...
  9. A

    Smoke from bonnet

    Hi, I’ve got an A3 diesel 58 facelift model 2L. So my turbo got changed 2 weeks ago, after the turbo got changed there was oil leaks outside my house and occasionally smoke coming out from under the bonnet. There was no smoke before the turbo fix. The mechanic fixed this, he said the oil...
  10. B

    For Sale 2009 Audi A3 2.0 TFSI Black Edition Sportback 5dr

    Full Audi service history. I have a warranty with audi, so if i had even the slightest issue with the car, i took it to my local audi and they fixed it, so no hidden faults. (warranty is not transferable) 2 keys. Breaks (pads and discs, front and rear) were replaced just recently. Less than 5%...
  11. A

    Looking for both front wings in lz9w paint code for a3 2004

    Looking to buy both front wings in lz9w paint code , the bottoms of my wings have rusted of completely
  12. J

    Audi A3 Possible First Gear Issue

    Hey there, I had a bit of a panic this morning with the fear of a possible gearbox issue. I was at a red light and noticed that when it was time for me to move, the car didn't move forward when I released the brake and even rolled back a little. I had to apply power and it revved a little and...
  13. A

    Haldex controller repair or replace ?

    audi a3 3.2 8p 2004 ive had and esp light come up on the dash and lost all drive to the rear wheels, I'm starting to think it must be the haldex controller, I've checked all the connections which look fine! Anyone had any experience with getting them repaired, there's a place I found which...
  14. S

    2009 A3 passenger side doors won't lock

    Hello everyone, I am looking for some information about what could be wrong with my car. I have a 2009 Audi A3 which has problems with the doors on the passenger side. The doors do not lock when I use the key fob but the drivers side does lock. I have no idea what the problem could be as...
  15. cronline

    Scrap, Sell or repair? What would you suggest?

    Hi there, Purchased a 2008 Audi A3 1.9 Diesel Auto in August for £3,400. Had 110,000 miles on the clock. Ran beautifully for 2 months then things started to go pear shaped. Main issue is faulty injectors and compression reduction on 2 cylinders. Damage and poor repair to cambelt pulleys &...
  16. A

    Audi Lock Actuator

    Hi everyone, I have an Audi A3 58 facelift model. My rear drivers side door does not open from the inside or outside. I can hear the lock so my mechanic said that I need a lock actuator and it MUST BE 8-PIN Unfortunately I've been looking for about 1 week and I can't find any 8-pins. Is...
  17. A

    Sunstrip and wipers

    I have an A3 Sport 8v and wanting to install a sunstrip. However I’m worried my wipers will cause problems and I’ve heard I’ll need smaller ones. This may sound stupid, but which wipers would be recommended? Thanks in advance
  18. SM18

    Annoying wiper blade!

    hi all. Got a 15 plate Audi, and since owning last few month, it really bugs me that the passenger wiper blade doesn’t wipe a neat curved line all the way to the bottom. It’s fine until the last six inches, where the tax disc would go. It seems that the blade loses contact in that area. So as...
  19. Wing Lun

    Anyone know which alloys these are?

    I've seen these alloys a few times, but I've never managed to find the part number or know what these are called, can anybody help please? I was also wondering would these fit the 2015 sportback version?
  20. D

    misfire cylinder 2 - cant diagnose

    getting a misfire on cylinder 2 according to the last garage I took my car into (been to see 2 now), only they can not tell me what is causing it. Car has no MIL/fault lights on. I have recently changed spark plugs, spark plug leads and the coil pack. So I am not sure where to start on next as...