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    Audi s3 8p multiple misfire misfire on cylinders 1&4

    Hi my audi s3 8p keeps coming up with the same faults random/multiple misfire p0300 Cylinder 1 misfire p0301 Cylinder 4 misfire p0304 I've changed the sparkplugs and coil packs but still comes up but only when idling when driving the EML goes off and car is fine I am waiting for a new pcv as I...
  2. Cars with Smithy

    YouTube - Cars with Smithy (Stage 2+ R-Tech S3 8P)

    Hi everyone! I appreciate YouTube isn't to everyone's taste, but I thought I would share my YouTube channel with you all. Some of you may have already seen my videos and subscribed. I document as much content as I can on my 2010 Stage 2+ R-Tech Audi S3 8P (as well as a few other cars). If...
  3. William McGougan

    Brakes not as good...

    Hi all, not been on here for a while, but I know you are a helpful bunch! My car has had 2 faults at around the same time, Firstly my DV has started fluttering constant, so I replaced with a new Rev G and it fixed for the whole of 2 days now back to flutter, I cant see any vac lines...
  4. William McGougan

    For Sale Audi RS3 8V Injectors+Loom

    For sale are my Audi RS3 Injectors with adapted loom from AKS for 2.0tfsi platforms I bought them along with a hybrid turbo but Injectors are no longer required They have covered 4000 miles according to previous owner but I can't prove it, but they seem to be in good condition and latest...
  5. William McGougan

    Upgrading Ko4 injectors

    Has anyone upgraded the internals of ko4 injectors themselves? And if so how was it to do and where did you get the parts, cheers.
  6. William McGougan

    Wanted Milltek decat S3 8P

    Looking for Milltek decat Will swap my sports cat + cash
  7. William McGougan


    Hi all, who has changed the crank thrust washers before? And how bad a job is it? I haven't saw of anyone actually doing it on here and what's all involved, any help appreciated thank you. I'm planning on fitting the tsr uprated ones as I'm running Sachs clutch and going hybrid turbo
  8. William McGougan

    For Sale RS3 Injectors & Adapted loom for Audi

    For sale are my RS3 Injectors, literally covered around 4000miles from new, in excellent condition, I got them with the idea of going big turbo but I went for a hybrid instead Comes with 4 X RS3 Injectors, adaption loom for Audi S3 8p £650 but will consider sensible offers
  9. William McGougan

    Is my turbo a TTE420?

    Hi guys, bought a TTE420 used from someone on the Facebook forum, this may sound like a stupid question but how can I tell it's the hybrid? What's the obvious marks to look out for, as visually it doesn't really look different obviously... Is there any marks or specific changes to look for...
  10. William McGougan

    Sold Miltek Turbo back exhaust

    Miltek turbo back exhaust for an Audi S3 8p for sale Has miltek sports cat and downpipe and then full miltek exhaust I also have a custom made backbox there also to go with it if you want extra noise and grunt It's still on the car so no pics I just fancy a new system for some different noise...
  11. William McGougan

    Car taking a while to start since remap

    Since having the car stage 2+ Apr tuned my car is sometimes cranking for a while before starting then stuttering and stalling or gathers revs does have a runner flap delete and is mapped for it could this be the issue or is there any other common areas to look at?
  12. William McGougan

    Stage 2+ boost pressures?

    Hi guys, as some of you will know from previous post, I had poor figure from my stage 2+ Apr + RFD v3.4 map 335bhp & 368ftplb I'm getting a new turbosmart actuator fitted towards end of month as my tuner has narrowed it down to that being at fault What kind of boost pressure is normal for...
  13. Vish_s3

    Audi s3 8p - APR stage 2 + loss power on launch

    Hi guys, Last year I took my car to VRS Northampton and got a stage 2 + APR map as well as a Sachs performance clutch installed. The car was running great at 376hp with the remap, full Milltek turbo back exhaust and Ram Air induction kit. When I initially drove the car for the first few months...
  14. William McGougan

    Injectors & LPFP capabilities

    Hi all, me again, what kind of.power is the safe maximum for the standard LPFP and standard S3 injectors, I'm thinking of having my turbo overhaulled and upgraded at same time to a hybrid via turbodynamics which makes it good for 400bhp
  15. William McGougan

    For Sale Audi S3 intercooler

    Hi I have for sale my standard S3 alloy end caps intercooler, in good condition Intercooler £150 Open to sensible offers Thank you
  16. William McGougan

    Suspension Light on..Mag ride

    Feel like its constant with this car, my mag ride fault light is on in the car with the following fault code I repaired a broken wire on front left corner I also fitted a used rear shock with mag ride as old one was leaking I dont have a fault code now for a specific corner and the active...
  17. William McGougan

    Stage 2+ poor figures...Adi

    Hi all, went to ecotune in Glasgow today to have my APR stage 2+ software fitted, it came out with 335bhp 365ftplb It's loosing boost and at top end not holding, has a revision G Nov which has been checked by them and they checked for boost leaks and the system was air tight They checked...
  18. William McGougan

    Wanted Upgraded Headunit XTRONS, PIONEER??

    Looking for an upgraded headunit for my audi s3 8p preferably with dab, bluetooth, and satnav carplay/android auto would be a bonus
  19. William McGougan

    Lowering with Mag Ride

    Hi all, I have a 2008 sportback Audi S3 8P I'm looking to lower it front and rear 25mm, I already have the springs My car has mag ride, now I know it will mess with the headlamp auto leveler, however, is there a way of calibration of the mag ride to adjust its new "zero" position as when...
  20. William McGougan

    Cooling Fan On Permanent

    Hi guys, looking for some insight as to where to look, bothtboth cooling fans come on when engine starts and stay on until I switch engine off, I know it's not the Aircon as my aircon isn't working and needs regassed Another thing to note is when ignition is on the fans are off, they are only...