1. DanSheldon92

    SQ5 Facelift SQ5 Arriving Next Week.

    Hi all, Exciting times, I've parted ways with my S3 and ordered a new SQ5 which I'm due to collect next week, got a really good deal on it too! Has anyone else got one yet, really eager to see some pictures of the real thing in Navarra Blue! There's a couple of videos on Youtube from UK...
  2. P.C.K

    Car needs an exorcist. Looking for advice on what the problem might be.

    Hello. I am posting here in hopes someone might have an idea of what is going on with my car. It currently cranks but doesn't start. I've been fighting with it since the start of April to get it off the driveway. It is an 1.6TDI with 161k miles done. It started at the beginning of April when...
  3. T

    Oil leak and DPF

    Can an engine oil leak be associated with DPF problems as I’ve had my A3 2.0 DPF regen done at Halfords and the DPF light came on 2 days after the treatment and they also mentioned I’ve got an engine oil leak is that what could be giving me DPF problems?
  4. J

    Rs3 sluggish feeling

    Hey maybe someone can help me. I have a 2016 RS3. Now in the morning when i drive off my driveway and turn right or left whilst turning i get this sluggish feeling just for that second and then all is normal until the next day when i do the same. Someone said it could just need alignment. Has...
  5. D

    Blower / Fan Whistling Noise

    Hi I’ve recently bought at 2017 Audi A5. I had kept the blowers on the lowest setting until the other day, I turned them to the second or third setting and maybe half and hour later it started making a whistling noise. To get the whistling to stop I have to turn the setting up and down until...
  6. Amirish

    How To Upgrade Your AUDI Key Fob To The Latest Style D.I.Y Video

  7. W

    Steering wheel change

    Evening all, I believe this is the correct thread to place this post - sorry in advance if not. I have recently purchased my first car (59 plate A4/B8) and looking to upgrade the steering wheel from the original to flat bottom. I understand the installation side of things but not 100% sure...
  8. Matt Wainwright


    AUDI A3 S3 8V REAR BOOT SPARE WHEEL FOAM COVER SPORTBACK 8V3012109R. Condition is "New". From an Audi S3 TFSI Sportback 2018
  9. stackiavelli

    Audi A4 2018 (B9) MMI Reboot Problem (screen reboots while driving randomly)

    I've been having a problem with my Audi 2018 A4. Problem description: Audi MMI system will randomly reboot itself a few minutes (2-3 usually, sometimes longer) into starting the vehicle and driving. The MMI system and the virtual cockpit screen will both go black, audio that is playing...
  10. Administrators

    How Audi reinvents light

    New dimensions in lighting technology Digitization of light opens up multi-faceted communication channels Audi lighting technology combines exceptional design with high functionality Close teamwork between Lighting Technology and Light Design as a success formula Audi is advancing into new...
  11. Administrators

    Free text search / MMI search

    Free text search / MMI search Audi MMI search is available for all basic menus, and like a search engine it is based on free text entry. It generally responds to searches after just a few letters have been input, taking into consideration the car’s current location. When searching for a place to...
  12. Administrators

    Controllable cool-air intake

    Controllable cool-air intake The controllable cool-air intake consists of a frame behind the Singleframe with two electric louvers that can be operated independently of each other. At average speeds, they stay shut for as long as possible to prevent disrupting the airstream. In certain...
  13. Administrators

    Center airbags

    Center airbags Center airbags are located between the seats and offer additional protection in the event of a side-impact collision. The airbags inflate within a fraction of a second. To ensure their effectiveness even in the event of multiple collisions or a rollover, the airbags are sealed and...
  14. Administrators

    Air quality package

    Air quality package The air quality package takes interior air quality to a whole new level. Two ionizers charge the air molecules electrically with negative ions. These anions attract dust particles so that they form mini clusters that fall to the floor and so are not inhaled. The combination...
  15. Administrators

    Audi valvelift system (AVS)

    Audi valvelift system (AVS) The Audi valvelift system (AVS) is a technology for variable valve control. Audi uses it for different purposes in different engines, but the working principle is the same for all engines: Sleeves are mounted onto the camshafts which have cam profiles with varying...
  16. Administrators

    Asynchronous motor

    Asynchronous motor A three-phase asynchronous motor comprises two major parts: the outer, fixed stator and the rotor contained therein. The stator is a sheet package consisting of thin, magnetically conductive electrical sheets. Inside these are copper wire coils to which the three three-phase...
  17. G

    2015 Audi A3 Aftermarket Amp & Sub buzz

    I’m getting frustrated. I recently added an aftermarket amp and subwoofer to my 2015 Audi A3. Everything sounds great. Amazing UNTIL I set the volume on volume 0 the after market sub buzzes super loud. If I open the trunk on volume 0 there is no buzz.... what can this be? Please help it’s...
  18. A

    Central locking and boot issue

    Hi. New to this so not sure I this os the right place but I really need help haha. I've got a 1.2 petrol audi a3 2011. From the key all the doors will make a noise when I unlock but nothing when I press lock. And when I try to lock from drivers door barrel only drivers door will lock. I repaired...
  19. T

    DPF differential pressure sensor

    Where can I get a DPF DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE SENSOR ASSEMBLY for a 2010 Audi A3 2.0TDI, I’m UK based in the North East. My car seems to be missing one of the pipes.
  20. Administrators

    A new dimension in space and technology – the inside story on the new Audi Q4 e-tron

    Interior preview of Audi’s new fully electric compact SUV reveals innovative design and technology and an abundance of space Augmented reality head-up display as pioneering display technology New steering wheel generation with touch operation, MMI display with a diagonal of up to 11.6 inches...