1. D

    2000 Audi A4 #B5 2.5 TDI Quattro - Wont Start (Lift Pump maybe)

    Hi All First post, so please go easy on me. My 2.5 TDI suddenly decided it was going to stop working Saturday night (@ 1am) and now wont start. Its got Diesel (even topped it up) & it cranks fine but doesnt fire up. At first i thought it might be the key (as its pretty tatty)/immobilizer...
  2. JordanG97


    Hello! Hope I'm posting this in the right place, I'm sure I'll get told off pretty quickly if I'm not. Just wanted to post a quick introduction to me and my car as I'm completely new to Audis and this forum. So here's the car; an A4 B5 Avant in Yellow, nicknamed the 'Yellow Menace'. Powering it...
  3. U_Pharm1

    Audi A1 Tyre Pressures

    Hi guys, just a quick question. My passenger rear tyre on my Audi A1 sportback 13 plate has gone flat. Anyone know what the tyre pressure is ? checked the door and just found this (see attached) dont understand what the 2 and 4 people signify and why there are 2 different sets of tyre...
  4. AudiTurbo8

    1.8TFSI Misfire Problems

    Hi guys, I've posted about this before but had a few updates since posting. sorry for the duplicate post! I've got a 1.8tfsi A3 with 60k miles on the clock. it's was remapped by Revo around 18 months ago and ever since had an issue where it would hesitate at 160orpm when cold. it's since...
  5. U_Pharm1

    Lost Service Book for my AUDI A1!

    Hey guys, I have a 13 plate audi a1, bought from a reputable garage (skoda main dealership) last year. I think the cam belt is due soon so I was looking for the service book and can't seem to find it! I dont think the garage i bought from supplied me with one. They just gave me an a4 sheet...
  6. jfduque3

    A6 1.8T or A4 2.0T?

    Hey guys, I live in Colombia so we don't get all the Audis available. The thing is, I noticed the A6 has had a change from the 2.0t to the 1.8t, here it costs about 15k usd more than the new a4 2.0t. Is this 1.8t tuned and more powerful? otherwise I wouldn't see the point of putting a smaller...
  7. ivica

    b5 1.8t coil issue

    checked spark plugs then after car has been running rough like on 3 cylinders but its normal when idling. i got new plugs and still the same issue
  8. Gas Pedal Subscribe

    2017 Audi RS6 Avant or Audi Super-Estate

    It can carry dogs, luggages, friends and family and yes it still goes like a rocket when you want it to be. This is such an ultimate super estate. :) Check it out!!!
  9. Gas Pedal Subscribe

    Hey everyone!

    Just wanted to say hi as this is my first post here. I like food, travelling, driving or anything that attracts my attention, but yes mostly cars and automotive world. Recently i filmed a video of the new 2017 A7 Sportback Black Edition. Please check it out it is an awesome car...
  10. K

    HELP: Weird question around spare tyre

    Right - So I've got an Audi A3 sportback 2007 2.0 litre TDI ... with a horrible clanging noise. It happens whenever I go over rough terrain, potholes, grates in the road, speedbumps etc. It comes from the rear of the vehicle and when the windows are down you can seriously hear it like metal...
  11. O

    Central locking issue HELP!

    Central locking issue HELP! brand new to this site so hi! I have an Audi A3 2004 3door 2.0 tdi When I use the central locking button or key fob it locks the passenger door but not the drivers door and unlocks the passenger but not the drivers door as well When I use the key in the drivers door...
  12. R

    Audi A3 cluster immobilizer problem - start and dies

    Hello guys, Have this problem occasionally with my A3, car starts and dies right away. Disconnecting the battery for few seconds helps and car starts just fine. Anyone knows where the problem is/how to fix? Video: Seems to be happening randomly. Checked the battery and it should be fine...