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  3. S

    New kid on the block and already want to get modding!

    Hello all, I have just bought a 2017 A6 Ultra S-Line Black Edition 190 and having already had a veepeak OBDII dongle downloaded Carista and made a couple of changes (needle sweep, boot remote open/close from key etc) The one thing I really want though is reliable sat nav that is up to date (and...
  4. M

    A6 C6 Allroad and Avant Doors

    Hi All, Newbie here - I've managed to crunch both Nearside doors on my 2009 A6 C6 Allroad. My question is, will an A6 Avant door fit on the A6 C6 Allroad? I know the bottom trim will need to be replaced and the little trim on the rear door. However, are they the same doors? Many thanks!
  5. Tom W

    A6 Avant 45 TFSI (265) feedback request...

    Hi, new to the group. I've an A6 Avant 45 TFSI (265) Quattro Black Edition on the order. There's not much online about this specific engine. Reviews seem to focus on entry level diesels and top spec 3-litre versions. Does anyone in the group have one? How do you find it day to day, around...
  6. ShaunAustin

    A6 Avant - Replace suspension coil

    Hi all, In mid march (right at the start of lockdown) the F/O suspension coil broke on my 2015 Avant TDI (Auto). The car is covered by a 2 year Audi warranty. Audi service centers have been shut ever since lockdown and Audi won't even confirm if the fault is covered without inspecting the...
  7. J10NMM

    New to Audi

    So I picked up a 2016 A6 Avant Black Edition ultra just over a week ago with 26k on it.. 600 miles later and I’m loving it! It was an early birthday present to myself and “why not” purchase after not being able to drive for the last 18months due to suffering a stroke last year.
  8. Whimsy


    I have returned to the Audi, a few years back I had a nice SLine A4 Avant ( used to post on Tyresmoke a little ), then moved away to a golf, but I am back again with a new A6 Avant SLine!