boost leak

  1. Davill9

    tfsi (all) intake leak fix, I thought should be shared

    Hi everyone, Just thought I’d share this with people in case it is not well known and stumbled across this by accident when trying to order a dipstick gasket at TPS yesterday. They sold me a yellow whole unit rather than just the o ring at top, as an inlet smoke test the other day showed smoke...
  2. C

    Pd70 9n3 won’t hold full boost

    Hi. I’m currently having problems with my turbo holding boost. When I put my foot down anytime after 2000rpm it boosts all the way around to 16/17 psi then drops off immediately to 12/13 psi I’m suspecting it’s the actuator but I’d appreciate some more professional opinions on this one. thanks.
  3. L

    Turbo lag in 3rd gear, boost at 3k

    I can hear what sounds like a boost leak coming from the solenoid block, i cant pinpoint any other leak and had a smoke test done. Mpg gone down n loss on power. Done mr muscle on the turbo, actuator works fine, what could it be?
  4. T

    Absolutely racking my brains out over my turbo

    So, I have a 2005 A3 2.0T AXX. All of a sudden when I was driving the turbo just basically stopped working. I used ClickMechanic to try and solve it (“So there is no power at all when I drive, and the turbo doesn't spool. There is also oil leaking underneath There has been a kind of cricket...
  5. Shady0808

    Does this mean I have a boost leak?

    Followed the YouTube video guide on how to test for boost leaks using live data on the OBDEleven app. Chucked it into excel and made a graph.... looks like I'm losing badly! What you lot think?
  6. S31PWA

    Audi S3 8L 2002 BAM NO BOOST

    Right guys I have a problem with my car.. got some work done on the car a full service and other stuff like pads ect now driving the car I have no turbo kicking in no boost what so ever vacuum pipes seem fine no splits noticed the pipes that went under the inlet were the wrong way switched...
  7. T

    Possible boost leak ?

    So the thing is the Intercooler pipe on the drivers side. I believe is leaking. I have tried a leak test but nothing came out. When I go down under my car, the pipe isn’t fully seated and I have to push it back in some more, and obviously when I go above 2.5k rev it doesn’t feel like it’s...
  8. A

    Power loss in 3rd 4th 5th and 6th HELP!!

    Hi all, had my s3 mapped and ever since i have had it mapped ive had a problem with the car to do with the power dropping off in higher gears the car pulls through 1st and second gear without a fault and in 3rd gear it will pull really good but at about 4thousand revs it sort of looses boost...
  9. A


    Hi there i have an audi s3 8p 2007 k04 2.0 tfsi quattro. i have just had the car remapped and since the remap i had to change the ignition coils as it shew that these were very weak after the remap that was perfectly fine by me i have now got a problem of when in 4th gear and putting my foot to...
  10. A

    New turbo boost control problems.

    Hello Forum, So I own my Audi A4 Quattro Sport 1.9TDI AVF 130 2004 for around 6 Month, When I bought it the turbo control was very good however turbo never been replaced, I also had HG gas lick in it. So I decide to replace HG and turbo not myself but by known service "MT Motors" near Leeds...
  11. Mujnu

    Loud 'Whoosh' Sound ***Vid Included***

    Hi everyone, just started having a problem on my drive to Manchester today. My car started suddenly making a really loud 'whoosh' sound (best I can describe it lol) when I'm comming up to boost from approx 1700rpm onwards. There's no EML other than the car feels a little sluggish and my fuel...