1. V

    Car lacks boost above 3,200RPM (3.0 TDI - CAPA)

    Hey there guys. So my car seems to be lacking any boost or push above 3,200RPM when doing a full throttle pull in third gear. It struggles to redline. I can hold it there in third with my foot to the floor down the dual carriage way and it just cannot do it. Lower down it comes on early and...
  2. Marius Gone

    FAULT: 000665 - Boost Pressure Regulation

    Hello everyone! I'm fighting with this fault code for a couple of weeks. Maybe is someone here who can help me. First of all, you have to know that I'll give you all the documentation needed, I'm sure it is nothing hard, it is just something I don't know how to figure out and all that I need is...
  3. B

    2007 BMN Diagnosis thoughts Boost, Intake or EGR?

    So, I recently got a P0401 Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) System: Insufficient Flow Detected. Stripped and cleaned the EGR but mil light returned on test drive. When I cleared the fault when warm, mil light did not return during several hours of driving until cold start. Then back on...
  4. F

    Maximum boost K04-0064 on A3 (Help please!)

    Hi, I read loads of threads asking about whats the maximum boost I could run on my A3. The issue is that I own a 1.8tfsi 2007 (chain, not belt) DSG (FWD)version which no one seem to have it. Lets talk about the mods i got: - Straight pipe, downpipe 3" all the way -K04-0064 off a S3 - Big ***...
  5. T

    Absolutely racking my brains out over my turbo

    So, I have a 2005 A3 2.0T AXX. All of a sudden when I was driving the turbo just basically stopped working. I used ClickMechanic to try and solve it (“So there is no power at all when I drive, and the turbo doesn't spool. There is also oil leaking underneath There has been a kind of cricket...
  6. D

    Audi S3 8l Pressure drop between turbo and TB !?!

    Hi guys. I have S3 8l 2001 AMK .. There is a problem which I cant handle with .. The car is still stock , and I have a boost loss , what I mean is that .. When I start to accelerate hard it has no problems , the boost gauge shows like 0.7 bar's of boost , but when I took my foot of the...
  7. M0onsh1ne

    A3 1.8T AUM 8L - Boost issues

    Hi all, Im new to this forum so apologies if im posting in the wrong place. I've been having an ongoing issue for a good few weeks now with my 1.8t A3 AUM it would appear as though its making very little boost. Its like the car is in LIMP mode and constantly stays there, however If im stand...
  8. T

    B8 3.0TDi stock boost psi?

    Does anyone know the stock boost pressure for the 3.0TDi (CAPA)? I am trying to figure out if my car has been mapped. I have done some logs and have seen readings as follows (24psi peaks). Many thanks!
  9. T

    Possible boost leak ?

    So the thing is the Intercooler pipe on the drivers side. I believe is leaking. I have tried a leak test but nothing came out. When I go down under my car, the pipe isn’t fully seated and I have to push it back in some more, and obviously when I go above 2.5k rev it doesn’t feel like it’s...
  10. Dylan Johnson

    I think my car has a boost leak but i'm not sure?

    I have a 2.0 TDI 140 and the car feels slow however its always been like this since i bought it. When I floor the car it it takes awhile for it to climb the revs then after 2600-2800 revs its like its got nothing left to give so I have to change gear. Also while its climbing revs I can hear...
  11. Jtg1998

    ESP/Boost troubles

    Got second hand 2008 A3 couple days ago. Started driving yesterday and felt very sluggish, so i took it up to higher revs and the glow plug light starts flashing. Took to garage and got code '00065 - Boost pressure regulator control range not reached'. Went to take it back to the garage today...
  12. florio_s3

    StateSideS3's long overdue Picture/Build Thread

    I have been extremely lazy on ever starting a thread for my car. Figured I'd finally get around to it. This is the current state, ill play catch up at a later time, but for now hope you enjoy and love to hear any feed back and or criticism Cheers! It is a 2001 S3, originally AMK 1.8t Car was...
  13. K

    ADVICE? Glow Plug Flashed - No Limp Mode - Overboost

    Hi, So, this morning I was driving my 07 A3 down the M1 about 60ish mph in 5th touching 250-300,00 rpm. All of a sudden the glow plug light lit up flashing, so obviously pulled in where I could and switched off the engine. Switched it back on and the light didn't show, carried on driving for 40...
  14. Ryan Lyes

    Boost pressure solenoid

    I'm looking into getting my S3 remapped in the next couple of weeks an was wondering if it's worth upgrading the boost pressure solenoid as I have a couple spare? Tia
  15. L

    info on a3, 2001, AUM

    Evening everyone, Im new to the group. Ive hadda couple 1.8t's in the past and have a 2001 facelift a3, AUM lump. I got this car for £675 ( which wasnt too much imo ), no history with it though and on 137k miles. First thing i needed to do was remove the sh***y dump valve and put a recirc on...
  16. J

    No boost, P1547 and blowing fuse 34

    Been enjoying my fresh turbocharger for a few weeks, now that I managed to cram it in but yesterday I ended up in problems. I washed the car and then wired it to CTEK battery charger and let it do the magic while I checked what's creaking in the rear axle. Found the drop links had play. Then I...
  17. A

    New turbo boost control problems.

    Hello Forum, So I own my Audi A4 Quattro Sport 1.9TDI AVF 130 2004 for around 6 Month, When I bought it the turbo control was very good however turbo never been replaced, I also had HG gas lick in it. So I decide to replace HG and turbo not myself but by known service "MT Motors" near Leeds...
  18. M

    Audi 2.5 TDI V6 Quattro - 2001 - B6 - Turbo/Power Issue

    Hi everyone, pretty new to this forum but had Audi/VW/Seat for last 3 cars so some experience of them Recently our A4 lost power during a trip - literally after coming off a roundabout, it wouldn't rev past 2500rpm. At the time it felt like a limp mode and didn't want us to rev it. Nursing it...
  19. Rayner_1704

    Possible blown turbo. Help

    Car is a face lift S3 manual 70k on clock it's running stage 2+ It's got hardcut and launch mapped in which has helped it along I think lol, anyways was driving hit hard cut limiter in second went to third very down on power when I Rev it it sounds abit like a drill and no boost. Got home...
  20. C

    Help needed, MAF/EGR?

    Was on the motorway last week and the car suddenly lost power, not completely but almost as if it lost boost, was struggling to get over 60mph. Had it scanned by the AA and it came back with an EGR fault, so i took the EGR valve off and cleaned out the carbon like I've seen a few do, didn't make...