1. 0

    Audi a3 2.0 tfsi 2010 DE CAT and MAP

    Hi all Recently I did an DE CAT eml light came up checked VCDS says O2 sensor fault been advised to map it out so remapped car to stage 2 and they did a O2 patch EML light went but end of day the eml light came back on same fault code O2 sensor they mapped it out again but end of day eml light...
  2. EddieRS3

    So I went to Infinit Performance.....

    I've not been on the forum for a while but just happened to read through yesterday and felt I needed to post this really. I've had my car tweaked at Infinit, facelift RS3 (18) and the service has been absolutely second to none. I actually went to see him after the original Boycott page was...
  3. K

    Advice please, 2006 A3 8p Decat downpipe

    Hey guys,new member here! So this is my first Audi,I've had it for about 2 years now. Its the BWA spec(147KW) ,2.0Tfsi DSG. Car is completely stock,so I wanted a bit more power out of it.So tomorrow I am going to install a 76mm decat downpipe..My question is,have any of you installed similar...
  4. William McGougan

    Wanted Milltek decat S3 8P

    Looking for Milltek decat Will swap my sports cat + cash
  5. S

    What do I need to know before getting a downpipe fitted?

    I've been considering getting my facelift s3 fitted with a downpipe and decat, I've been told I have to take it to stage 2 before getting the downpipe, but i'm not so sure, any advice would be great. Its a scorpion downpipe im looking at
  6. M

    Wanted Audi S4 B9 Mods Wanted

    Hi all, just purchased a Audi S4 B9 Avant, its my first audi and moved over from Bmw (M4, 330D, M3 E46 etc) im looking to mod the car and ideally after decat - miltek preferably Intake Exhaust system - cat back or full inc decat Bigger exhaust tips - looking for slightly bigger tips if no...
  7. B

    For Sale Audi rs3 8v prefacelift 2015-2016 decat downpipe

    Hi all, As the title, I have the above part up for sale. Seeing as they retail for £670+s&h, I’m wanting £350+s&h (£20 due to size and weight with paisley freight). there is an ever so slight mark in the metal weave that goes over the flexipipe to make it pretty, but it’s cosmetic only, not...
  8. Rayner_1704

    Sportback Is stage 2 worth it?

    Iv a prefacelift tuned stage one by Rick at unicorn, just secondary decat and intake pipe, running 420 and 450ft/lb Is it worth the money to buy Down pipe and intercooler for the noticeable gains you get back? I will most likely never track the car. I know these suffer with out an intercooler...
  9. ohmyaudi

    Decat on stage 1 map

    I recently got a new custom catback exhaust which sounds amazing, but I want even more noise now, Im addicted! I am already stage 1 with pops and bangs from unicorn and am more than happy with the power output, but to get more noise my thoughts are turning to a decat downpipe. My question is can...
  10. o_dungey

    Cheap non-brand downpipe

    hi, has anyone got a cheap unbranded downpipe and are they any good? Found one for £140 which is stainless steel and has mandrel bends so surely it can’t be that bad as it is just a pipe at the end of the day? cheers
  11. M

    To Resonate or Not

    Hi all. Hoping for some advice please. I am in a dilemma as I have taken my S3 for a stage 3 tune and they have now contacted me after fitting the turbo and intercooler pipes to say I need a different exhaust. I thought having the standard one decatted was enough so don’t know why they didn’t...
  12. ohmyaudi

    Catback milltek or decat & stage 2?

    I'm currently stage 1 with a res delete and pops and bangs mapped in, but I want something louder and more aggressive. Do I go milltek non res non valved catback? (Although would this drone be too much on motorway?) Or do I go decat and therefore stage 2 (with more pops and bangs) , plus a dsg...
  13. Rayner_1704

    Sportback First mot, secondary decat?

    Hi does anyone know if the car will pass it’s first mot with secondary decats in? Thanks
  14. ohmyaudi

    Exhaust or down pipe?

    Okay so I'm currently running the stock exhaust with res delete and pops and bangs added in on a stage 1 map... but I want more. More noise, more pops and bangs, yup I want to be anti social when I put my foot down. Question is do I go full catback exhaust system or decat downpipe and...
  15. JamesW1994

    S3 8P Decat Opinions

    Probably my second post here :) relativley new to the forum and being an Audi owner! I am considering a decat option for my 2010 S3 8P. The car already has a Miltek Cat back system and is stage 1 re-mapped. Looking to get the forums opinion on decatting. Pros / Cons and even better some...
  16. davsin

    Exhaust down Pipe problems

    Hello All, My garage have told me the downpipe is badly corroded and is in need of replacement, I have already spoken to Pipe Werx and have a complete system price, however my concern is having to drive from the west coast of Scotland to Ormskirk for the 500 mile journey. I was looking for...
  17. JayRS3

    Sportback PFL Sport Exhaust w/ DP + Secondary Decat Question

    Hi gents, 2 weeks ago I did a Stage 1 APR map which has really brought the best out of the car performance wise. 1 week ago I did Decat Downpipe and Secondary Cat Bypass (Secondary Decat) on my Sport Exhaust from Rogue Performance here in South Africa. I have scoured the forums for opinions on...
  18. Rayner_1704

    FL S3 to PFL RS3 anyone?

    Hello new to this section Iv got a 2017 S3 just wanting to know if anyone has moved from a facelift or pre S3 to an RS3? Any pros and cons or doing so ? Also I’ve noticed the secondary cat removal is popular if this is done will it still pass MOT?
  19. Petrov

    Decat question (2.5TDi)

    Hello, the other day I removed the two back boxes of my 2.5tdi in hope to get that v6 growl, but it hardly made any difference in the sound. Would removing the pre-cat and 2 main cats make the car louder? (I dont really wanna remove the center box)
  20. James Clatworthy

    Can a Pre FL be mapped to pop and crackle?

    Hi all! I was just wondering if it's possible to make an s3 crackle pop, at all? I've got a full decat and induction kit, so essentially there's no issue in terms of air flow and muffling of sounds. I was just wondering if it's at all possible as the face lift does it? is there a difference...