1. Dmol

    s tronic auto downshifts

    Hi, I'm a new owner of a 2012 UK b8.5 S4 and have a question about auto downshifts. In S mode the up and down shifts are great, rapid and smooth and well timed. When in D mode the up shifts are smooth and the car quickly moves to 5th or 6th gear by 30/40 mph, so I guess D / normal is focussed...
  2. atifdarr

    Problems with selecting 1st Gear

    I have an Audi TTS 09 plate. I sometimes find it impossible to engage 1st gear. The other gears all work, but I feel as if they are not all in the right place and have shifted slightly?? This all usually happens when the car is warm. Otherwise the movement of the gear stick is fluid and...
  3. H

    Audi S3 8p DSG - not selecting gear - help

    Hi guys, Long time lurker!!! Finally bought my dream car however the DSG has given up. Its not selecting any gear , can anyone recommend a good specialist? i am based near west Yorkshire but can always put it on a trailer to get it done properly. any advice what could be causing this would...
  4. Cheeks

    Clutch dropped

    pretty much what it says on the tin, just drove to work, realised when I was in 5th anytime I let go of the accelerator, it kicked back harder than usual, went to drop a gear and realised I couldn't find my clutch, because it was all the way down, managed to pull it out of gear and stop, pulled...