1. MrSaetervik

    OBDeleven - 48hour heads up

    I just saw this when I opened my OBDeleven app today, just thought I might share it to let people know, if you were planning to buy one
  2. Bobwas4

    rectifying my coding problem

    Following me trying to enable rain closing in my rs3 8v fl to which I was completely unsuccessful and ended up buggering it up. I payed a visit to Vag Car Coding to rectify it using odis. within 10 minutes it was sorted. Alex definitely knows his stuff. He also recalibrated the mag ride as I...
  3. Can Akaltun

    Need Help! retro fitting lane assist for 2018 A3 8v Facelift Cabriolet

    I want to retrofit lane assist to my car. i have bought the camera 3Q0 980 654 G. i have bought the steering wheel column which supports lane assist and acc. (ACC will be future upgrade) for all these upgrades i have agreed with a local vag center. they are really the best in Turkey. they...
  4. C

    S4 3.0TFSi automatic gearbox change / gearbox locked

    Hello, I have trouble with replacing S4 TFSi 2011 automatic gearbox. When i put completely the same, but different one (my old one had bad gears) I got transmission locked problem. Dash shows SAFE instead of mileage and also gear selector does nothing, car only revs on neutral. When I...
  5. C

    Too many errors after flat battery / disconnected BCM2. Help needed

    Hello, I recently had made my BCM2 module dead, when updating SW through ODIS, I didnt mentioned secret button made by previous owner and "luckily" during the update, it cut off power and CAN to half of units. Which actually bricked my BCM2. Thats OK, I was able to fix it but during my tries...