1. A

    Whare are these tubes? Where do they go?

    Hey, my friend thought it would be funny to pull off random tubes on my engine to, and I quote, "see what happens'. In doing so he has managed to snap one of the tubes as it was as brittle as glass. Has anyone got any idea what they do, where they go and how I can replace them? Thanks - Connor...
  2. A

    A4 Radiator Replacement Issue

    Hi, I'm just finishing off replacing my water pump and timing belt, but trying to replace the transmission and water lines on my radiator has halted me in my tracks. Trying to get the water lines off took me half a day and a LOT of swearing, so there must be a technique to getting them back on...
  3. T

    Possible boost leak ?

    So the thing is the Intercooler pipe on the drivers side. I believe is leaking. I have tried a leak test but nothing came out. When I go down under my car, the pipe isn’t fully seated and I have to push it back in some more, and obviously when I go above 2.5k rev it doesn’t feel like it’s...
  4. D

    Unknown Broken pipe off induction piper after maf Car stalls sometimes

    Hey there I am having an issue with my car as sometimes when I start it it stalls straight away, I had an issue with vacuum leak but solved it by adding the missing seal between the master cylinder and the booster. I have now identified that there is a pipe which I don't know what it is from...
  5. DieselJake

    Intercooler sensor - do I need this?

    Pretty lost with this; got one intercooler that doesn't have the sensor and another that has the sensor but it doesn't reach. Is the sensor necessary? Is there some form of loom extender or a pipe I can get with one in? What will happen without this?