1. S

    Help what is this noise

    Hi all don't know if there's anyone out there that can help me becuase I've got a noise in my car (audi a3 2litre tdi 07) that's driving me insane so basicly the nosie is a rattling sound I notice it when I start the car sometimes and also when I turn it off I also notice it when Ime driving and...
  2. TomDM7359

    PFL cold start left exhaust rattle

    This is going to be hard to explain so bare with me. I got my RS3 last year and I seem to get awful, metallic, tangy exhaust rattle coming out of the left (passenger) side exhaust for about 20-30 seconds. This only occurs from a COLD start. Any other time it’s absolutely fine. I’ve taken it to...
  3. A

    Weird noise when full locking?

    So I’ve recently picked up my face lifted Audi rs3 and after a short motorway trip I hear this noise (https://kapwi.ng/c/AA8NyRPZ ) when going to park up, the noise occurs when I full lock it and gently move. It seems like it’s coming from the front wheels somewhere, the car is completely...
  4. D

    RS3 - strange, intermittent rattle(?) noise

    Hello all - I am new to the forum so please excuse me picking the brains of wiser heads than my own as an introduction... I have had a 2017 model for about 6 months now - absolutely brilliant car to drive. It is a true Jekyll & Hyde: docile and refined in town and something else when the space...
  5. Agent57

    Strange noise on throttle lift-off?

    Ok, so Ive had my MY17 TTS about 2 months and this is something I noticed immediately in comparison to my old S3. When the car is in Dynamic mode and the Gearbox is in "S", if the revs are medium to high and I let off the the throttle the car makes a strange metallic crackling noise that's very...
  6. Ben E

    Turbo Wastegate Rattle clip installation Help

    Hi Guys, Hope everyone is staying safe during Covid. Ive got the dreaded wastegate actuator rattle and decided to put my (now plentiful!) spare time to use. S3 2010 8P K04 turbo. I have the clip to fix this however i'm struggling to fit it and looking for some tips/pointers :) Im...
  7. Marckoo

    S3 8L AMK rattle noise

    Hi, everyone! I have a rattling noise in my S3 8L It happens when the car has warmed up. It also rattles when you start it up (warmed up). There's also a quick rattling noise when I accelerate, happens around 2k rpm. Does anyone have an idea what it is? Thanks in advanced!
  8. M

    Rs3 exhaust rattle issue Valve 8p

    hello dears I’m running a 2012 8p Rs3 and have a rattle sound in the exhaust. This due to the axes of the valve.... I guess. 1 is there a thread with a solution for this? Others than new oem part or after market... just solving the original part? 2 I installed a pipe replacing the original...
  9. arobson90

    Help Please 2.0 TFSI Owners???

    Hi all, I have a 2012 A4 2.0 TFSI and have recently noticed a rattle / ticking noise coming from the engine as located in the below image. I'm not sure if the noise was there previously and unnoticed or if it is a new sound. Anyone with a 2.0 TFSI who can confirm if they have this noise too...
  10. S

    Audi A4 2010 judder rattle low temps

    Hi all, Bought an Audi A4 Avant 2010 Multitronic 2.0l about 4 months ago and started having some issues with it. It has 130,000 miles. From cold it judders when moving off, has low power (until around 2000rpm) and awful rattle/grinding sound when pressing on the gas (up to around 1500 revs)...
  11. S

    check for play in bottom end without removing engine?

    hi peeps, couple of Q's regarding 2007 s3 BHZ Can a failed cam tensioner cause the bottom end/ bearings to go? - or a blocked pickup cause this? as im thinking the metal flakes in sump could be from a bearing or rod- is there any way to check the rods for play without removing the engine? it...
  12. C

    Odd engine noise from 2.0 tdi 184ps

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy my second A3 8V going from a 62 plate 150PS TDI to a 16 plate 184/181PS TDI. I saw one I liked today and inspected it but the engine sounded odd compared to my 150. Almost as if it had some extra knocking. I took a sound clip and wanted you opinions on whether it...
  13. Z

    Door handle rattle

    I have major rattles from the interior front door handles, especially the driver door. The noise stops if I pull just enough on the handles to take up the slack in the door release system. Does anyone know if this is an easy fix? An adjustment or something?
  14. SamH

    Clunking after turning Right - help!

    Hello, I am looking for some advice please. Having become the proud owner of an Audi A3 8P Black Edition (59 plate) for around a year, sadly, we have noticed some frustrating suspension issues. The car is on 140,000 miles so understand that some of the suspension components will possibly be...
  15. TomBlueS3

    Drivers door rattle

    Hi, Please can someone help...this noise is driving me CRAZY!!! The video doesn’t do it justice. I’m hoping it’s a common problem and easy fix. Thanks!
  16. Jtg1998

    Strange rattle/ vibration at 1900rpm - Audio attached

    I get this rattle at around 1900rpm and its really annoying me. Seems to be coming from between the drivers footwell and the engine bay area, but hard to pinpoint. I can also really only hear it in 1st - 3rd gear, most prominent in 2nd. I had it up on the ramps but couldn't diagnose as the...
  17. N

    Still have Rattle and Chatter after Flywheel Change

    Hey there I had some massive chattering around the Dual Mass Flywheel on my B8 TDI 2.0L. Have just had the flywheel replaced with a brand new part, but it is still making a chattering sound even after its been changed. It is no where near as loud now and the transmission is not jumpy so it’s...
  18. Taylor Smith

    A1 S-line Front Pad Rattle

    Hi all, I’ve got a 2011 1.4 (185) S-line A1 and after recently changing the front brakes with Brembo parts the pads had developed a really annoying rattle. I packed the guides with copper grease when I assembled the parts as usual but after just one day the rattle started. I have since...
  19. pilla

    Camchain/Vacuum pump issue (pics)

    Afternoon, just whipped the neccesary off to have a look at the camchain, Im getting a lot of rattle at low revs, especially when the engine is cold, sounds horrible, sounds a bit like a bearing grating/rasping noise to be honest. Im not sure how to test the camchain or the tensioners condition...
  20. B

    Ticking noise S Line at 80mph

    Hi all new to the site hope someone can help, got a 2013 s line it’s done 148k & generally it’s been fantastic. Sadly it’s developed a really annoying ticking/flapping metaly sound coming from the passenger side front footwell/door/window/glove box/floor...‍♂️ I really can’t pin point its exact...