1. Hmckm3-1

    B7 1.9tdi s-line remapping

    Hi I have an 07 A4 1.9 tdi sline currently standard at 115bhp but I was considering gettin an economy map to help fuel consumption. Has anyone done this before? Also can anyone else view their cars mpg? The buttons on my steering wheel just say no function.
  2. W55LSY

    Recommended Remaps (LEGIT) for under £250?

    Yo! A3 170 blackline 2010 So, I want a Celtic, but can’t afford it. I know there’s flash based ***** on offer but that is not happening on my car In this time of uncertainty, does any know legit mappers in the south east, or national network, that are offering good deals whilst business is...
  3. WalkerBW

    A4 Avant ECU Files

    Hello! I recently booked my car in to get remapped but apparently they couldn't find the original ECU files for my car anywhere. Does anyone know how I can either get these myself or if they are stored on any database online anywhere?
  4. C

    S-mode (in City) overreving

    I love the sounds that the TT makes when in S-mode dynamic. Problem is that is difficult to drive like this in the city. The transmission S-mode holds the 2nd gear and readlines too long. It is on the brink of shifting around 31-32mph to 3rd (city speed limit is 30mph). So I am forced to either...
  5. J

    EGR issues and mapping

    Hi, my 2011 A4 170, shuddered badly last Thursday and the glow plug light same on flashing, severely restricted throttle, 2,500rpm and no torque. limped to an Audi specialist garage and plugged into a laptop, told it was the infamous EGR. Told that the best course was to remap as the valve was...
  6. Sid2go

    Who is recommended for stage 2+ map for 2.0tfsi quattro

    Trying to find a reputable garage (like r-tech) who has a 4 wheel drive dyno that can remap my 2.0tfsi a4 b7 quattro in the westmidlands area. unfortunately r-tech only remap fwd or vag vehicles that have the haldex system. Anyone with experience and cost of remap? also which manufacture...
  7. MotaBars


    Hi Thanks for coming and having a look at who we are. MotaBars has been established since 1986 and although we specialise and are known locally for Towbars we also do a range of products that will suite many Audi owners. I myself used to work for APR LLC so am very familiar with Audi owners and...
  8. Gavin powell

    Remapping Somerset 3.0tdi

    Hi I've just bought A5 3.0 TDI 2014 model. I'm planning to keep for good few years as only got 28k on clock and I love it, been thinking bout remapping but don't know if there would be much benefit to it or risks involved. Any advice much appreciated
  9. Mani2092

    RS7 upgrade/modifications - advice required

    Dear members, I am new to this forum and this is my first post. Driving RS7 (2014) with Miltek Sportsback/non-resonated exhaust fitted. Looking to get some advice/recommendations on possible performance upgrades for RS7 that I could go for? Maybe, Stage 1/2 remap with other hardware upgrades...
  10. Joshua Ward

    Stage 1 Audi S3

    Hi all, Just a quick question, im thinking of going for a stage 1 remap from REVO on my 2011 Audi s3. it has done 78500 miles and has met all of its service intervals either on the dot or earlier, never had any issues with the engine as of yet will it be able to handle stage 1, have got rev D...
  11. ConorA3

    A3 2.0 TDI - What power and set-up is everyone using

    Hi Guys, Performance wise, what is everyones set-ups for a A3 2.0 TDI. I know I won't be seeing great gains as its a diesel but I was just wonders as my 140 BHP is a little slow. A standard remap will bring it around 170 however I'm wanting a little more. Thanks
  12. J

    Advice on a engine swap a3 1.9tdi

    I am looking to swap the current 1.9tdie engine (105bhp) for a much bigger engine, I was thinking of going stage 2 but didn’t see the point when the output would be about the same as a standard bigger engine. Unless someone knows somewhere that does stage 2 that makes it much better. I was just...
  13. Invicta

    Question to People Who Retrofit Their Audi's

    Hi, I see quite a few posts on here saying something on the lines of.. "just bought a new S3 and wanting to retrofit it with.." and it got me wondering; have these people full on bought the car outright? Or do they have it on a PCP/PH contract but don't care about what Audi might say? And what...
  14. Y

    Audi A3/8V 1.4TFSI S-Line

    I've got a 1.4tfsi 123bhp, just a stepping stone to get my insurance down before i get an S3 in a couple years time because as you know the insurance at 20 years old isn't the cheapest.. especially with no NCD, i have been quoted 173bhp and 180bhp form two separate tuners on a remap however this...
  15. Kayobong

    Audi A3 1.9 TDIe (2009) - EGR Delete worth it?

    So I've been planning on getting a remap for a while now, however I was wondering what the benefits of removing the EGR were, and if it's worth doing along side a remap. Thanks
  16. M

    2015 A4 Allroad 2.0tdi Sport 177 Remap and Towbar advice

    Hi I’m considering remapping my 2.0 TDi 177 s-tronic and I’m being quoted possible figures of 230hp, they’re also recommending a gearbox remap to go with it. Anyone have experience of doing this along with any real world results or pitfalls? Secondly has anyone DIY fitted towbars with vehicle...
  17. T

    Hey guys Remap enquiry

    Where abouts is the best place in the London/Hampshire area(broad search I know) best for remapping my 2.0t A3 ? I would be interested in Launch Control, and Antilag. Just looking for a stage 1 for now Thanks
  18. K


    A3 2.0 Bkd 2260vk looking for place to remap! Attaching pic of the build. *Except manifold is not tubular but short piped and CG motorsport clutch* Thanks
  19. J

    Facelift Remap?

    Ive just picked up a low mileage A3 Sportback 1600 Tdi 110 s tronic. My last motor ( Passat wagon 2.0 tdi )had a remap from 140 to about 170 bhp. Now I'm considering a remap for this one stage 1 to about 140 bhp and 310 nm , has anyone on here done this? And is it worth getting the box mapped...