1. E

    Rotor sizes for my 2017 Audi A4 Premium 2.0L FWD

    Hello. I have looked everywhere and i cant seem to find the rotor sizes. Called Audi and different aftermarket rotor manufacturers with not too much help. My car is a US based model 2017 Audi A4 2.0L Premium FWD. I have attached a picture of the PR Codes sticker in the trunk if this helps but i...
  2. SL11CKK

    Sold Audi A5 S5 B8 B8.5 Black Edition/Rotors 19” Alloy Wheels ET33 9J 5x112

    Up for grabs are Audi A5 B8/B8.5 Black Edition/Rotor wheels which I had on my sportback until I sold the car 2018 and has been in storage ever since. Originally my intention was to keep these after selling the car as I was going to buy another A5 however plans changed. They come wrapped in...
  3. E

    A4 B8 problem during braking

    Hello, i have a problem with my a4 b8 3.0tdi 2008. Some time ago i noticed steering wheel vibrations and wobble/rattle sound when i was braking from +- 140km/h (86mph). It only happens when i brake harder. I thought it is because of warped rotors, so i bought new brake rotors and pads, right...
  4. R

    Q5 Aftermarket Pads and Rotors - 2013 Audi Q5

    Hi All, I own a 2013 Audi Q5 Premium Plus 2.0L Quattro . In my Recent visit to Audi Dealership for a 35K service . ( I currently have 30K miles on Audi Q5 ) I was advised that I should get my Front and Rear Break Pads and Rotors Changed . This is the current condition :- Front Brakes - 2mm and...
  5. Donny_DJ

    Rotors on the R8

    Hi all, Thinking of buying an R8 at some point. Love the Rotor wheels but never see them on R8s. Did they even make them for the R8? What's the offset etc? I understand the rears are a lot wider than the fronts. Presumably the below one has had a set from an RS5 or something? Or perhaps...
  6. S

    New member with wheel question

    Hi all Just picked up a 2012 a6 love it but I want to change the wheels to rotor 20", now the offset I believe is et45 as standard but I have found some et36 for sale would these fit ok?? Thanks