1. MarijZ

    OEM s-sline/sport suspension

    I decided i want to keep original sport suspension on my car (A4 1.9 tdi avf avant 2002). Does anyone have the part numbers for sport suspension parts? Or s-sline springs.
  2. MarijZ

    19” rims or 18”? Coilovers od sport suspension?

    Hey everyone I want to fit probably 19” wheels on my b6 avant… i want to know what it feels like and if the car looses on power over the smaller wheels… i also want to know if i should stick with the sport suspension or put some coilovers on it… i want the car to be pretty comfortable (i dont...
  3. Hafizkam

    A6 C7 Avant Front Suspension Knock

    Hi I have a annoying front suspension knock. Car went into Audi. They diagnosed it as the Curved Control Arms as the bushes were tearing on both sides. Replaced both sides curved arms but the knock is still there. When going over a ramp, both wheels level there is no noise. The knocking...
  4. Mattgj

    Who makes Audi's Shock Absorber? A5 8TA

    Recently been asked for who makes audi's shock absorbers.. the company who manufactures GENUINE shock absorbers for the Audi A5 Sline 2.0 tdi 8TA is SACHS. NOT Bilstein, Not Monroe.
  5. M

    S3 8p suspension

    Hi I’m looking to change the shock absorbers in my S3. I was looking to get bilstein b6 front and rear but can’t find any would the mk5 golf gti bilstein b6’s fit or does anybody know of any alternatives all help appreciated thank you
  6. L

    SQ5 SQ5 2021 Suspension

    Looking at ordering a new 2021 SQ5. It comes with S sport suspension with adaptive damper control. Has anyone had experience with this suspension? Also is it comfortable when in comfort mode on drive select.
  7. rajsta

    Looking for a part 4F0412109

    Im looking for part no# 4F0412109 which is the rubber bush that's located at the top and bottom of the front springs. But it seems that you can't actually purchase part no# 4F0412109!! Strange! Apparently I have to buy part no# 4F0412066 which is the metal spring seat and includes part...
  8. R

    For Sale FS: New power steering pump V6 30valve A4 A6 A8 and turbo

    For the 2.4 2.8 2.7t and maybe others from B5 C5 chassis. Its new never been fitted. New around £450. Ideal for refreshing your late 90s soon to be classic.
  9. L

    How to make the ride smoother on an Audi S3 Quattro?

    I'd like to purchase an Audi S3 Sportback Quattro (2016). However, I have concerns over the ride being too bumpy. Is it possible, or even advisable, to alter the car in some way to give it a smoother ride without replacing the 18" alloys? I would be happy to forgo some handling (providing the...
  10. jarnold231

    Toe & Camber Bolts

    Wanting to get the toe and camber sorted on the rear end - had a peruse of this useful forum and found earlier post by JR et al ( Seeing as I want both parts this kit of OE VW suspension bolts on fleabay appears to be the...
  11. ben_a38p

    Squeak from LH Front over bumps

    I’ve recently noticed a squeak coming from the left front corner whenever I go over a bump or pothole but it’s only some, for example speed bumps I hear it and potholes on the left side but coming off my driveway hear nothing. Speed makes no difference and still squeaks with the brakes on. when...
  12. M

    Facelift Lowering springs b9 avant

    Hi all, im looking for a lowering kit for my s4 avant b9 as the ride height is too high. ive had a look online and not a lot of people seem to have anything for the avant version. can anyone point me in the right direction as eibach dont make any and racing line only seem to have saloon...
  13. thewood1978

    Shock Absorber Fitting

    Hi People Just wanting to know how long you think it should take to replace all 4 shocks on a Audi A4 B8 3.0 SLine. I got the guy down to £300 inclusive which at their £54/hr Inc Vat is just under 1.4 hours per corner. I am supplying the parts, this is pure labour. Im thinking that's...
  14. Paul V.

    A5 2.0tfsi S-line 225ps 2014 Adaptive Suspension Fault

    Hi Everyone, I hope you're well. I've recently purchased my VCDS and after running a diagnose today, I discovered this error. I just purchased the car, and got 3 years warranty, was wondering if it's worthy giving them a call. Is that a serious issue? Address 14: Susp. Elect. (J250)...
  15. S

    For Sale Audi A3 8P Sportback Bilstein & Eibach Suspension Parts (Brand New) May Fit other Models

    Hi Guys I have some brand new suspension parts that I never got round to fitting to my sportback which I have now sold. Bilstein 12-244942 Front top strut mount kits x 2 Bilstein 22-139191 Front shocks x 2 Eiback E10-15-007-10-22 Pro lowering spring kit Would like to sell as a package for...
  16. Emir Demirovski

    Suspension Help !

    Hi, so i have a set of ABT Sportsline Coilovers(which are also for sale). Bought them mainly so i don't rub in the rear. I never got around fitting them, but found out that i need to replace my knuckle so i can fit them since they are 55mm and mine are 50mm. Recently found a set of TA Technix...
  17. A

    Rear Anti-Roll Bar upgrade advice

    Hi everyone Hope everyone and your families are all well in these crazy times! Been flirting with the idea of a new rear ARB for some time and after some extensive research, finally going to take the plunge. It seems either the 034 motorsports / H&R seem to be the ones to get, with the H&R...
  18. T

    A1 Front Strut Top Bearing Replacement in situ?

    A1 Sport 1.6 TDI 105 PS 5 speed The front strut top bearing on right has failed (clunking noise when turning steering). The top plate bearing should be easy to replace once springs compressed. My question is can this be done without having to remove the whole strut? It the suspension is allowed...
  19. kpm278

    Rear end unsettled cornering over uneven ground

    Hi My car is a bit unsettled when cornering over pot holes and the like. Rear suspension is sometimes a bit creaky and I had an advisory on last MOT there is oil mist on the rear shocks. I know some mist is ok, but could this be worn shocks and the reason for the unsettled ride? Car has done...
  20. Hafizkam

    2013 A4 B8.5 creaky or squeaky front suspension.

    I have a 2013 a4 2.0 tdi b8.5 avant Front drivers side suspension is creaky over bumpy roads and speed ramps etc. When car is uneven as turning left or right etc it also creaks too. Had it checked from 3 Mechanics. All 3 have said all suspension arms and bushes etc look perfect Had drivers...