09 A4 Avant MMI update & some other issues


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Hey Guys,

I used to be around on here when I had my old A3 and NHN gave me a hand on updating stereo and few other bits.

Just picked up an A4 Avant 59 plate as a stop gap until I order a new S3 Vorsprung later this year. It came with a 2G MMI (I think) it has the Audi Symphony stereo (no Bose) how easy is it to update the Firmware and how freely available?

Have a few other weird issues where the dash Scales are very dim and the dimmer control on the light unit doesn’t do anything if anyone might have any ideas on that?

MMI Screen is also very dim even though it’s in full brightness, read a few posts which sounds like it’s time for a screen replacement?


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Why do you want to update the firmware? I know you can upgrade sat nav map for example. Some EBay sellers have instructions with SD cards and includes firmware update. At the end of the day the car is 2009, so there will be a limit on hardware installed.

If screen is dim it does suggest its on its way out. No different to the old B5 model and missing pixels! I wouldn’t plough a lot of time and money into it seeing as you’re lucky enough to be trading up to a S3 later this year.


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Yeah I can get a replacement screen off eBay for about £40 which I don’t mind doing if it means I can see things in daylight.

Also discovered that there’s an issue with interior lights where none of them seem to work fully. Footwells don’t light, map lights are dim, main interior front light doesn’t come on and when I sit in the car turn them on manually they come on for around 5 seconds then turn off then nothing works in the unit including map lights.

I’ve got some replacement bulbs on the way to remove the LED’s someone poorly fitted.

Just wondering what other delights Fridays service and Diagnostics will uncover.

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