1.9 owner - Am I the only one?!


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Hi everyone.

2004 (54) 1.9 TDI, 3 door, black. Outstanding Car, even with only 105 bhp!

However, I want to make it faster, lower and sound nicer but after reading lots on here it seems everyone but me has the 2.0 TDI so I am struggling to find out details for mine!

Am I right in thinking...........

1. I think I can have it chipped and take it up to 140bhp ish?

2. 18's will go on soon so I think I can drop it 35mm?

3. I think I can get a Miltek rear silencer for it? (twin pipe)

Any advice guys will be appreciated. :salute:



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nope I have a 1.9 as well - great choice +++

yes remap somewhere iro 135bhp.

Mine has exhaust that looks like this:


so i assume mitek must also be possible.


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Hi, I also have the 1.9!! It's an '05 TDI Sport- Sportback version. As you say it's a great peice of kit and even at 105bhp it's very capable.
As for the chip you'll have to let me know how you get on as i've just put mine on hold. The reason being that I've just swapped to the 18" optional S-line split rim alloys and i've got to say its the best change so far!

With regards to the suspension i believe i am correct in saying if you do not have a Sport or S-line then you will achive the full 30-35mm drop quoted. If you have the sport/s-line then you will only see 10-15mm as these cars are already lower.

Sorry forgot to say that if you stay with a high offset alloy ET52-ET56 then the tyres should not rub the rear arches. :icon_thumright: