100 Avant Sunroof leaks?


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As a newcomer to this forum, can I ask the experts for some advice please? I have one of the few early 100 Avant Quattros left (1987) which is in regular use still!! As I'm a classic enthusiast it has been maintained by myself for the last 19 yrs and 216,000 miles, so I think its fair to say that I've experienced most of the trials & hassle associated with this one!! However, torrential rain has caused big water leaks around the (manual) sunroof which has steadily worsened over about a year. Can anyone please tell me the best supplier (if any) of the rubber seal, or if not one that can be adapted to fit? The 2 front drain holes are clear by the way, but I'm not sure whether there might be another one at the back edge? Also wondered if the cables can be adjusted to make the roof fit tighter onto its seal, and if so how you remove the metal roof - just an idea?
As I said, very new to the Forum, so apologies if this topic has been raised before, and any advice much appreciated to keep the old girl dry inside.