2.0 tdi quattro sline advice needed !


1.8T quattro sline
Hello all you B7 owners , thinking of buying one of these on a 56 plate done 69000 anything I need to look out for like cambelt and what's this oil pump / balance shaft problem I hear about ?

Also what mpg you guys getting out of tdi or with the way price of fuel is going the diesel pros don't really apply over the 2.0 tfsi ? Any advice appreciated thank you !



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If its a 140 your looking at apparently they will return 45-50mpg all day. A 170 wont get near that (trust me i know)

Cambelt must be replaced at 80k or 4 years so i guess it should have been done. But check it, also check if the waterpump was also done.

AFAIK the oil pump / shaft issue which is a sticky only applies to engine code "BLB".


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Well tbh im not sure as my commute at the moment is very short (about 9 miles) meaning its barely up to running temp. Im also not doing full tank to tank. But the first full tank check I did was 41 mpg. This was approx 50/50 motorway and London crawl (commute)

Also BLB engine is a 140 so you dont need to worry. The 170 uses piezo injectors which have been known to fail after time. Have a look in this section there is a couple of threads. They were apparently replaced in late 07 with a revised design which doesn't suffer the problem.


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Cambelt needs replacing at 80k, so a car with 69k needs the cambelt doing at the next service.

I've a 2.0 tdi 170 quattro saloon and I'm averaging 39.4 mpg over 5000 miles, best mpg for a fill up was 41.2, worst 36.6. I do about 500 miles a week, mostly on the motorway. The DIS is reasonably accurate, so on a pure motorway run I can get 44mpg ish if i sit at a steady indicated 75mph.


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Flipping heck and heres me moaning about getting 29-30 around town and 36-38 on a motorway run in my 2.0TFSI S-Line petrol :)


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You also need to ask if it's had the injectors replaced. They are rebounded for failing on the 170's.

Mines done 69k and has had 2 fail, but all four have been replaced!


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I have the 170 and I have managed to get 50MPG yes 50 and that was with a calcualtion. I dive up and down the M40 everyday so never get to 75-80 and sit around 70. As long as you keep the rev under 2000 it's fine. Most of the time I can easily get 45 out of it. So all in all it's not too bad.