2.0TDi new turbo recommendations


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Recently my A3 Sportback 2005 2.0 TDi 140 BHP DSG has been been having overboost issues causing it to go into limp mode and resets itself after ignition restart.
My local garage has diagnosed the issue as fault P0234 boost pressure regulation limit exceeded due to turbo waste gate stuck and advised that a new turbo is required. the car has done 217K miles and had previously had the turbo replaced at around 50K under Audi warranty due to another issue shortly after I bought the car.

I have options of either genuine Audi turbo or Garett or BKD. Fully fitted the Audi turbo is £1800, the Garret or BKD is £1400.

Does anyone know who actually made the original Audi Turbo and how do the Garrett and BKD ones compare and which one should I opt for any why, please?



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On my B7 from that generation it was Garrett who made the turbo, I'd presume the same is true on 8P, but You can always check what it says on Your turbo.

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Remove & clean if its not making bearing noise, cheapest option.