2.0TFSI Exhaust help!!!


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I have made a terrible decision and need help. I own a fwd. 2.0tfsi and have had a cat-less downpipe on for awhile now however I was not satisfied with the sound , sounded almost identical to the stock catted downpipe. So I decided it would be a great idea to cut the resonator out... boy was I wrong the car now drones like hell.... I can barely have a conversation while driving. The sound of the car outside is exactly how I wanted it to sound and is perfect however the drone is just killing me and I have only had the car like this for 8 hours.. has anyone got any suggestions on a way I can eliminate the drone yet keep the sound of the car? I was thinking of getting the resonator put back in and getting a s3 backbox? any help is appreciated.


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As long as it sounds cool from the outside that’s all that matters.
These cars have so much sound deadening it will always sound quieter inside, so although it may sound the same it’s highly likely the cat-less downpipe was louder than stock. It just may not sound that was from inside the cabin.

Depending on how much £ you have, fit a Miltek, Cobra, TrakSlag or BCS cat-back system - you’ll remove the drone inside the cabin but you’ll get the sound you want.


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The fwd and 4wd cars have different exhaust routing so chances are the S3 box would not fit. Also the S3 box has a valve that opens at about 3500 rpm. Your car will not have the actuator so you would need to wire the valve open.
Your cheapest option would be to have the resonator refitted as drone is awful. Keep your eye open for a complete 2nd hand system from a decent make.