2.8 sport ecu plug wiring help needed


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Hopefuly some kind soul will take pity. :sorry:

I had a fault with my ECU which was traced to a short at the back of the ECU plug, arcing on moisture between two pins. I took the plug apart and cleaned up, but on assembly discovered I had not been quite as rigourous recording which pin went where as I thought.

I need some kind soul to take a pic of the back of the big ECU plug so I can see which wire goes where - I can't make out this info from the eBahn manuals :rtfm::readit:, and have had zero luck trying to get a plug from a breaker :jester: .

I know I have something wrong as I am down to the last wire and my "fag packet" diagram says I should only have one hole to put the pin in, but I have two. :wtf: I have no idea what I have missed out though. :think:

Please help!! I don't want to fry the replacement ECU with bad connections.