20” Rs3 wheels


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You'd need the rim width to determine ET, seanick, and the tyre size too.

For sure I don't recall a 20" rim being reported anywhere as being successfully fitted on an 8P RS3 with STD wheel arches and for some even adding a 'wider' tyre and/or spacer to a 19" OE rim has caused fouling problems.

But try here for more information: https://www.willtheyfit.com/index.php?

And good luck...


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OEM RS3 20X 8.5J on 225/30/20 tires should do the trick. Adam Hodge did in on his S3 with widened front arches which may be the same width as the standard rs3 otherwise replacement arches available


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Speak to Lisa from Awesome. 0161 776 0777. She has 20" and air ride on her S3 if i recall. As previous members have said. Standard arches had to go. She rolled the lips i believe.