2004 A8 with 'issues' can anyone help?


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Hi guys, my first post so please be gentle with me ;)

I've just picked up my first audi, a 4.0 tdi A8.

It seems to have the electronic gremlins- a friend of mine is one of the head techs at the local Audi dealership so hoping he can sort it out when I get round to booking it in, but I was windering if anyone has ever come across any of the following 'issues'?

  • 'Anti-glare' door mirrors permanently in 'anti-glare' setting
  • Dash defaults to german every time car is turned off for more than an hour
  • Finger-print reader not working properly - says 'fingerprint not recognised' if I press it, 'one touch not installed' if I try and set users through the MMI
  • Keyless entry not working, although sometimes it will start without the key by pressing the fingerprint reader... wierd.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Simon, it does sound like you're the victim of the early D3 electronic gremlins. Do persevere, as once sorted you'll love the car :icon_thumright: