For Sale 2006 Audi S8


I want your faulty electronics
Hello all,

Just helping a friend sell his S8, below is his advert and images.
If you need any information or anything about this car, please drop me a PM.

Hi there
To try cater for everyone I will tell you a little about the reasons for the purchase and sale, work done on the car, tests and checks as well as the spec of the car.
I already own one D3 S8 which is my pride and joy. When the second baby came along the 3 Door A3 became just too small so we have decided to get rid of it,
I take great care of my S8 and my missus started to get the inside really messy and scuffing the newly refurbished wheels, so I decided to buy a second S8 to keep her away from my car.
I bought this S8 at the end of November because it was slightly cheaper than all the other S8s due to broken manifold flap, it was in need of a bit of TLC but it had good miles and not too shabby spec.
This was going to be a car for the missus and the kids, but not before I done some work.
Work done to the car:
- Intake manifold flaps deleted due to broken flaps. Manifold striped, fully degreased, decoked and resealed with high temp oil resistant sealant. I have pics of the entire process available on the day of viewing.
- Full decoke. All carbon build up across all 10 cylinders has been removed leaving inlets bone dry before refitting the manifold.
- Cylinder compression test as per Audi workshop manual. Values for new engine are between 10.0 – 14.0 bar. Wear limit is 9.0 bar.
o Results of the compression test are as follow:
o CYLINDER 1 – 12.5 bar
o CYLINDER 2 – 12.5 bar
o CYLINDER 3 – 12.5 bar
o CYLINDER 4 – 12.75 bar
o CYLINDER 5 – 12.5 bar
o CYLINDER 6 – 12.0 bar
o CYLINDER 7 – 12.0 bar
o CYLINDER 8 – 12.5 bar
o CYLINDER 9 – 12.5 bar
o CYLINDER 10 – 12.0 bar. I have pictures of the entire process and readings.
- Compression test on the cooling system. System pressurised to 1.5 bar as per manual (warm engine) with no drop of pressure.
- Brake fluid test. Water contaminations is less than 1% so all good. Fluid looks clean.
- PAS fluid clean and a common fault of leaking power steering fluid hoses rectified by replacing both hoses.
- Original Audi filter and oil (Quantum Longlife III 5W-30).
- Both washable K&N air filters cleaned.
- New genuine alternator belt fitted.
- Scuttle area cleared and washed. Checked for blocked drain off channels.
- Engine and gearbox are bone dry, no leaks whatsoever.
- Missing cup holder at the front replaced with very good condition used one.
- Front driver side door Bose speaker replaced.
- Fault with front passenger door. Replaced entire wiring loom and door’s ECU/window motor.
- Replaced all Keyless door handles, with a set of 4 refurbished handles due to faulty lock buttons.
- Rear seats replaced due to damage. All leather (seats, door cards, console) has been properly cleaned, conditioned using leather balm and buffed at the end.
- Entire bodywork has been decontaminate with a clay bar and waxed after.
Took the car for an MOT (valid until 21/12/2019) and it has passed it without any advisories. Front brake pads were 6mm thick and rears were 5mm thick. Front and read discs starting to show a slight lip, but they will easily last this set of pads and one new set after that. Front tyres were 4.8mm – 5.0mm while rear tyres 3.5mm – 4.0mm and 4.5mm. Car has Audi’s OE tyres fitted – Yokohama Advan Sport AO 265/35/20.
After some bad news week ago it’s no longer economical for us to run two S8’s, especially when we both hardly do over 3000 miles a year. Having to sell the car after doing this work is frustrating, which doesn’t cover it. Having to sell the car after all this work isn’t easy but needs must.
The car will stay taxed and insured until it’s sold as we are still using both cars. The miles will go up slightly but about 200miles max.
We are not desperate to sell, so please no silly offers but it seems the intelligent thing to do at the moment.
This is the price and if you have been looking at S8’s for some time now, you would agree that for the spec, condition and amount of work done to it you will be getting a cracking car.
Spec is as follow:
- Mileage 110k
- 5.2 FSI V10 engine (BSM)
- ZF Automatic gearbox with paddle shifters (JLM)
- AFS II Adaptive Headlights with LED day running lights and cornering lights
- Adaptive air suspension - sport
- Front 385mm and Rear 335mm steel vented discs
- 20” RS6 style alloy wheels on 265/35/20 Yokohama tyres
- Facelift rear lights
- ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control)
- Rear view camera
- AMI (Audi Music Interface) to play music from your phone, USB stick or Bluetooth streaming if you buy a Bluetooth adapter. Only USB cable supplied.
- 6 disc CD player
- Digital TV
- DAB Radio as well as FM/MW/LW
- BOSE sound system
- Sat Nav with 3D view and traffic updates
- Voice Control
- TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) – new sensors fitted 3 years ago
- Fingerprint for multiple users to have their preferred settings saved under their fingerprint
- Keyless entry and engine start/stop
- Bluetooth Handsfree phone
- Automatic lights and wipers
- Automatic boot
- Rear electric blind
- Carbon Fibre trim
- Black Alcantara headlining
- Sport seats
- Heated seats (front)
- Extended Leather Pack (door cards, centre console, glovebox and knee panel)
- Twin glass windows
- Ski hatch
- 18’’ spare wheel with a brand new Bridgestone tyre
Suspension feels great, gearbox is really smooth, it doesn’t jigger, there is no hard shifts or slips between the gears, lots of power especially after decoke and flaps delete.
Interior, leather and all the trims, switches, vents, carpets are in very good condition.
Bodywork, is in very good condition. No dents, no corrosion.
This is a really nice example of an Audi S8 in a very good condition with a decent spec and mechanically very sound.
If I was to keep it, which brings us to bad points, I would:
- Respray the wheels. They are not scuffed or terrible but not to a high standard.
- Book a good Smart Repair guy to sort little damage to the passenger side lower part of the front bumper.
- Correct the mileage. I didn’t do it as I felt it would look suspicious and I have proof of the miles changes and reasons. The instrument cluster was changed in 2015 during retrofit of the Adaptive Cruise Control which was calibrated at Audi. As the cluster was second hand they wouldn’t change the mileage. The Car is showing 89515 miles today, 16/01/19, instead of 110k. There is paperwork to confirm the genuine reason for instrument cluster change and it didn’t bother me or the previous owner.
- I would probably end up buying few little missing things such a cargo net for the boot, missing screwdriver from the tool box and that’s it. But at this point I have to stop pumping money into it this car.
I won’t try to sell you the car, even if that’s what I’m doing by posting an ad I know, so no pressure sale, car will just sell itself. If you don’t like it then you don’t like it, simple.
Other than that thank you for your time and all the best.


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I want your faulty electronics
Morning All,

We made a slight mistake with the advert, we forgot to mention that the car comes with 2x keys and has soft close doors and which are all working. The lower plastic guard is missing and front left wheel arch liner is slightly worn at the bottom.

Due to this we've rethought the price to cover most of the bad points, we are dropping it down to £9,500.
I have a D3 S8 and they are amazing cars. The Achilles heel is the manifold flaps and as this is done it will stand out from the rest.

Good luck with the sale