2008 Allroad scrap value only?

130K miles since I bought it new (£38.5K) in 2008. Both front air struts needs replacing together with most of the front suspension arms. Here is France, where the car is now registered, Audi have quoted over 8K for parts plus labour for the work, excluding anything else they find while doing the job. The car is sitting in the dealer's garage totally deflated - somewhat like myself! The repair costs (c12K+) are obviously more than the car is worth. Moreover, the service advisor wisely points out that given its age, I could expect more costly problems down the line, including the air suspension pump and the rear air suspension units. A local independent specialist says it's too complicated for them. So far as I can see, it has scrap value only here, which is a bit sad given, especially, that the rest of the car is in excellent condition. Any and all advice (and sympathy!) welcome. Oh, I should say that I did consider getting it transported back to the UK for repairs, but even if that proved any cheaper the lowest transport quote I've received is 1.7K!


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Assuming recovery to uk isnt possible under your insurance or seperate breakdown cover?

8k, what are they considering replacing?


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I had my front upper arms replaced a year or so ago, it's two arms per side and they were ~£150 each if I remember correctly. The bill was almost £1k with a couple of track rod ends as well.

I don't have air so I don't know if they are different arms or if more work is required to do the job.

It might be worth phoning a few specialists just for a quote to see how close they are to the dealers price. You might also find that the parts are cheaper elsewhere as they will be oe spec, and not have the markup of oe parts.