2011 Audi A6 c7 Abs,Esp,Tpms,Handbrake fault . Please help


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hi lads have those lights coming up in my Audi A6 c7 abs esp tpms automatic handbrake .
I own the car around 7 months never had any problems with anything, these faults come up one day. Vcds scan showed me front left speed sensor , replace that still the same even more faults coming up . Notice aswell that cruise control doesn't work.
Funny thing is that those lights are not coming up straight away after starting the car , I have to drive few meters and the faults coming up then .
Any ideas ? Could that be something with wiring ?


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Have you run a VCDS scan again?

I’m surprised that you replaced a front abs sensor, since handbrake is rear only. All the symptoms you’ve indicated sound like they could be abs sensor related - but a rear one....


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When a number of unconnected, non-primary electrical functions start to simultaneously show "errors" it is worth ruling out battery failure by getting it checked.


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I had the same happen and suspected all of these systems seem to be linked with a wheel speed sensor since they all need a reading of the wheel speed to perform properly,mine was intermittent and I had the Fr RH sensor changed and touch wood it hasn’t come back since.


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I hade car connected on computer and checked did the speed sensors can see the wheels and are the speed are same on each sensor , all sensors seems to be working


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I had all these symptoms on my mk6 golf recently. Turned out to be an earth wasn't securely fastened back on after I had the flywheel replaced. It knackered the battery, which brought on all of these fault indications.
Earth tightened and new battery fitted, then steering wheel turned lock to lock, and everything reset after that.