2013 S5 Brake Discs Help


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Going to need to new brake discs and pads on the front soon.
Car is a 2013 S5. Looked at service sticker and it has 1LJ brake setup. (345mm)
Part number on database is 4G0615301G 345mm. Discs are around £280
Looking at 2011 model discs, part number is 8K0615301M for 345mm disc with the 1LJ setup. These are only £120.

Is ther any differnce between 2011 and 2013 S5 front brakes with the 1LJ setup?
Slightly differnt part number, but spec's look the same? As 2011 discs are only £120.


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Try comparing the 2 years on euro car parts. So put your reg in and look at the part number of the discs it shows. then put in the details of the earlier model and see what it brings up for that. If the part numbers match you are onto a winner.