2017-2018 RS 3, Launch Control, Versus, No-Launch-Control ???


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Guys & Ladies,

There is a video a guy in Australia did showing the RS3 with a Major-Hesitation when taking off from a STOP.
That's why I'm asking the below question.
UN-Fortunately I did not see the video my buddy did in TX.
I cannot find it or I would post the actual video here.

Please post on this thread if you have (Concrete Personal 1st Hand Knowledge) or even an (Opinion) on the following below.

If any of you have ever really noticed almost ALL RS3 reviews for the 0 to 60 MPH times is with the Launch-Control.
Nothing wrong at all with that as it is to simply demonstrate to a prospective owner what to expect in performance compared to other cars.

Okay, now members this is what I want to know and I'm also willing to Plead, Beg, Ask, Request you post Facts when replying or in some cases if you personally don't know your opinions.

The real question,
Does the Audi RS3 Pause, Stutter, Hesitate, if you simply are sitting at a STOP and then Floor-the-Accelerator ???
Maybe I should also word the above question like this, the RS3 in what I think is referred to as Drive/Comfort Mode ???
Or, if the RS3 was in Sport Mode and also in Dynamic ???
I'm asking all of you owners or use to be owners what the heck does the RS3 do at a STOP if you just floor it and what MODES is it WORSE for it to Pause, Stutter, Hesitate???

I'm hoping there are a few of you on here that will know exactly what I'm really asking and will come right out and post the FACTS.

I know some of us have or did own the VW Golf R cars and they do Pause, Stutter, Hesitate if you Floor the Accelerator from a complete STOP in Normal-Drive-Mode.
I own a new Golf R as well as a very close buddy of mine that lives in San Antonio, TX.
We both have been discussing the above and I have decided to just do a separate THREAD and hope like hell some of you will (Enlighten-Us) as what to expect when our 2019 RS3's arrive and broken in.

Thanks for the Help,
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Never paused or stuttered for me (PFL) just blasted away from zero in any mode. 4WD remember.


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Up-Date guys,

Below is the actual video showing what I'm asking all of you about.

Here is that video:
Go position 14.00 to 14.16 to see exactly what I'm talking about and asking all of you.



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is it not the hill hold assist?whiel my 8prs3 does not do this my s3 did

It turns out he has the Traction Control Set (WRONG) !!!