2021 Tfsi 265


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Seeing as it’s so quiet in the Allroad section here, thought I’d post a pic of my 3rd Audi. S4 -> RS4 -> Allroad. It’s terra grey (or jobby brown as my wife calls it).
Good balance of abilities and nice to be able to relax on single track roads and not fear for the RS’s 20” alloys every journey or pothole !! Performance is adequate, funny to see my actual car reviewed here in the Parkers long term test by Alan Taylor-Jones
Not sure I agree with him on a few things but each to their own

Anyway, here’s a pic or 2


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spartacus 68

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Laughing when you say the performance is adequate. You've from an RS4, everything will feel pedestrian after that.

Nice colour and 265PS is a great power pack.