3.0tdi CDUD coolant loss?


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Hi guys I'm going to post this in other forums aswell for a bit of exposure and explanation. On my A7 I noticed a few weeks ago my coolant level low. I topped it up and kept an eye on it. Just had to top it up again, max to min in about a week or two at best guess. So just been having a look round and on the right side of the engine bay as you look at it from the front., behind the turbo and under the egr coolant pipe I believe is where there is a leak. You can just about see it in the pics if they have loaded up and it's a brown puddle. Is there a common problem with the egr or coolant supply to them in that area that anyone knows of and can help me source the leak. Thanks people.


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So update, car went in over a month ago. Turned out to be split egr cooler. warranty covered so all done. Got car back, still slight coolant loss, suspected same again garage took it and turned out to be a water jacket/guide with an o ring at the front of the engine. Managed to get the warranty company to pay for that aswell but now still got the slight coolant loss. Bought some tracer dye and its collecting under the cooler again so suspecting the seals originally fitted on the new cooler have failed and the garage are going to have a look in a couple of weeks as cant fit it in so have to keep checking and topping up until then i suppose. Just been looking at the darkside kits to delete the ****** thing altogether with there blanking plates and i think there is a plastic elbow that needs to be connected to reroute the coolant so it doesnt still leak while going through the assembly. Question is a local rolling road remap place have quoted £150 to map out the egr in the software, no rempa obviously. Is that a good price or is there someone on here that can do it cheaper that knows what they are doing that are local enough to me to help if i take this route of action. Hoping so. cheers guys.