3 Beeps When I Go Over 5mph.


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Does anyone know what the 3 beeps are for when I go over 5 mph.

My TT Has the Dis issue where i cannot see my screen so All i have is the beeps.

It doesn't do it until i pull away, does matter the revs, just the speed.

My ABS Light is on and TC as I think we knocked a sensor (rear Passenger) when lowering the car.

The front speed sensor also got pulled out but I have resoldered this but i guess it may need resetting on vagcom before the 3 beeps will stop?

Ive checked OIl/Coolant and brake fluid.

I geuss its Speed sensor related due to the 5mph thing. Or maybe a faulty temp sensor or resevour sensor? but that doesnt explain the 5mph thing?

Any help would be great.