3 Years


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I've just passed 3 years ownership of my A6 bitdi. In that time...

20,000 miles driven
1 water Pump replaced
2 accidents (rolled into a tree stump, shunted at a roundabout)
1 windscreen replaced
2 wheel bearings replaced
1 turbo replaced
1 EGR valve replaced
4 new tyres
4 brake pads replaced
4 alloys acid stripped and powder coated
3 windows tinted
All chrome trim wrapped
1 fuel flap actuator unit replaced

Managed to get all services free of charge and pay for just 1 MOT.

It's been an expensive 3 years and was close to getting rid after the turbo saga but 6 months on I'm enjoying owning it again.


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Wow... I'm @2 years 6 months with 17K miles and my only expense has been 2 services, and I'm even on the same tyres but they do need replacing in the next couple of months. Now I'm only a 2.0TDi quattro, but I'm surprised the 3.0TDi had chewed it's way through that amount of hardware in only 20K miles.


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Cars have problems but seems you've been very unlucky.
Had my Bitdi 4 years. Bought at 2 years old, 31000 miles. Now done 58000 and the only expense I've had are services, MOT and 4 tyres. I've probably spent 8k miles towing a caravan in Uk and Europe and its been totally reliable.

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