3rd breaklight failure


Team Popcorn
Hello everyone.

I have a weird question regarding the 3rd breaklight. (Spoiler)
My father owns a 2013 A3 8V Cupe thats 3,5 years old, and in extremly good condition.
Now only 2 weeks ago we discoverd that the 3rd breaklight has gone bad.



He spoke to the dealer were he bought the car and of course they dont care at all.
When asking about Audi Sweden/goodwill, they just put in age and miles of the car in a computer application that came back with a "no".
By judging by the looks of the fault i would say it was a manufacture error waiting to happend.
Shouldnt led lights have a lifespan far beyond a regular lightbulb, or is it "Audi quality" parts.

Now to the real question, have anyone replaced the 3rd rear breaklight?
Do you need to remove the spoiler?

Been looking for pictures how to remove the spoiler but the closest pictures i could find is from people installing rear dashcams.

Any help is much appreciated.