48hr Test Drives


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Be Carefull when you take one with Lexus folks - it seems that it is upsetting some well certainly one maindealer as folks appear to be using it as a free hire car :D

Upset Lexus Dealer


Damn it where's 7th gear when you need it?!
They must be stupid if they think that no one will take advantage of this kind of offer, its human nature!! Im getting married in Feb so im keeping my fingers crossed i can get a nice car "for a test drive" on the day of the wedding, i think the future wife would need to test it of course, perhaps she'd better wear a big fluffy dress to test its carrying capacity!!!!
That's a funny thread. The moderators should be able to see the poster's IP address, and using a Geo IP site (like www.maxmind.com) they might be able to find which town - or even organisation - the poster LEXUS-MAINDEALER works for.

Shame because as a Prius owner, I was thinking about seeing if they'd extend their 48-hour offer to a GS450h, but if the manufacturer offer is upsetting them that much I won't bother. And all this on the day Toyota announce a £1.1bn loss! Must be all those free test drives.


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lol, classic & would love to know the stealer he works for then we could all call up & ask for test drives