55 TFSI stage 1 remap. Is it worth it ?


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Hello guys ! Got a 55 TFSI with 41 000 km, completely stock . I m really wondering if it s worth doing a stage 1 remap . I saw a lot of people saying it s safe , but also saw a lot saying that it s not good for the gearbox , and it s not going to last . I saw the values are at around 410 hp and 620 nm . I would like to know if you guys would do it or not . Thanks !


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Personally I would do it, I've always mapped my cars! I'd always recommend a decent mapper who knows what he is doing and not a generic flash file though.


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what gearbox?, check gearbox ratings also what other models / power outputs the same gearbox is fitted to - maybey its same box fitted to s5 etc etc and can handle more than that