6 disc changer glovebox?


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Hi just picked up a 2012 3.0 tdi se executive A8 L model . It comes with alot of kit including entertainment pack in pack. However there does not appear to be a 6 cd changer in glove box and im wondering was this not standard in this model? The space is there for it but ots either never been installed or its missing/somewhere else. Also if I wanted to update Sat nav is this possible.?
How exactly do you find out what comes as standard with the car?
I've the folder but it doesn't say what the sfandard/extra kit is.


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No unfortunately it does not come as standard. I bought a separate unit myself but yet to instal. (Might sell it) also to get printout if specs, call the supplying dealer to see if they can provide with a printout. Yes you can update Sat nav via SD card. People also update the software too. Do you not have google map?
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