69BT recall


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Just had a recall letter for my old B5 TQS which i no longer own lol

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Seen loads of people getting these in, not had one myself yet. Honestly not even sure I’d trust Audi to perform a simple recall on the old girl, no doubt they’d find a way to F it up!

Besides, it’s a 20+ year old car, it’ll more than likely disintegrate in a serious collision, a fresh gas generator ain’t going to help!


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Yeah, I’ve not had mine through yet either, but I’ve seen it all over the Facebook forums.

So does it mean they change the entire centre airbag? Or just the tricky bits inside?

I remember my friends E46 went into BMW for the passenger airbag recall, and they completed it, but then gave him a lost as long as his arm of things wrong with it, and can we interest you in replacing these parts………

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oww! my giant blue head!
I believe they do the full airbag but don’t quote me on that. This image was posted on Facebook by someone following completion of the recall, you can see the colour difference between the used outer wheel and new airbag.
I’m hoping to just drop my steering wheel off and let them do it as it’s not currently fitted to the car. Still not had a letter although the recall is showing as outstanding on the MOT site.


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