8P S3-clutch pedal stays on the floor.


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Mate of mine has a 2008 facelift S3.
He was doing a Track Day I was instructing at on Friday and had a problem with the clutch pedal going to the floor on gearchanges,and staying there.
Clutch works normally otherwise[no slipping or anything untoward],but you have to pull the pedal back up with your foot.
I had a drive and sure enough it did it a couple of times.
Seems to only happen on the track when using a few revs.
Car is totally stock.
Anyone encountered this or have any clues as to the possible cause?

gaz m

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Yes mate,

Very easy fix and quite cheap as mine was fixed under warranty!

It is a rubber gromit in the clutch master cylinder that rolls over itself and sticks but only intermitently. It can also partialy stick Ie, not quite fully return when you have changed gear so you get a bit of clutch slip which feels like the DMF is failing!!!

New gromit in the master cylinder and flush out and replace the clutch fluid as there will be small particles of rubber and rust in it which is what the rubber gromit has stuck onto in the first place.

The fluid change is the important bit so dont skimp on it but it will sort out your problems very easy!
I had Revo 2+ on mine and got another 10k out of the clutch before I sold the car from this repair which Audi actualy told me was a very common fault!

I hope that helps mate?

Gaz m


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Could this failing rubber part cause general sli under load and extremlely high bite point?
Plz leme kno asap! Cheers

gaz m

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Yes it can mate!

The clutch pedal sticks slightly on its return after being pressed with your foot it some times does not quite make it back up to it's normal resting position, it is a direct conection to the master cylinder which in realitly is the part that is sticking leaving the clutch slave cylinder partialy still engaged which means the clutch is being held off the flywheel! ( a bit like you slipping the clutch whilst setting off and changing gear )

I found it more noticble on cold damp days and also when accelerating hard in high gears it would slip and the revs would rise sharply but the car was not accelerating!!! I know people say dont drive this way as excess strain on the clutch, however it was a test to prove what I myself thought was a failing clutch.

I do think a lot of clutches and DMF's have been changed in error by Audi garages. The main part of this is to completly flush and refill with new fluid, but have a look at what you recover as you will find a residue of silt which is actualy tiny rust particles this is the bit that causes the rubber to stick to the shaft in the master cylinder.

I hope this helps you guys out, it was the Audi assistance's guys that gave me this info initialy as my car was playing up badly two xmas's ago.

Gaz m


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Very interesting post Gaz, mine is terrible when cold, but improves significantly when warm. Almost like the clutch is dragging a bit until there is some temp in the engine.

I'll get this checked at the weekend.