8p s3 exhaust mods?


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Hey guys im taking my ca rin to my local exhaust place to get them to replace the top of the down pipe and remove the pre-cat.. has anyone changed/ removed the 1st resenator (in the split pipe) and does it make much differance? i want to keep my standard cat and exhaust but was to make it flow better :)


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Imo better off buying a ready made sports cat or down pipe from either miltek,cobra, piperwerx or bcs.

They are proven to unleash power.


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I've had the pre-cat material removed from my S3's stock downpipe of which it made a difference and was enough for me to be able to go Revo stage 2 along with my Revo CAI, however there is still a horrible bend in the pipe and the cat is restrictive, so the gains are nothing in comparison to the BCS downpipe with a high flow sports cat. The stock cat-back isn't that restrictive, especially when compared to the DP however a BCS cat-back will still have gains. All you can do with the stock cat-back is what I've done which is to wire open the butterfly valve in the left exhaust tail pipe so it's constantly open, rather then waiting till 3K revs before the actuator arm opens it.
@Rayner_1704 i noticed a massive difference with just a sport cat down pipe and im unmapped

Well there maybe a little bit in top end but power wise it's hardly anything full system and a stage 2 map is a different league compared to standard anthough if your doing that I'd say just go to stage 2+
Also I'd be wary of sports cats don't buy cheap. I had a one made and after a day at York race way using launch control and a hard it limiter thee sports cat had melted dislodged and got stuck in the back box! Resulting is serious loss power haha


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I chopped the middle box out once and it was the worst thing i ever did! The drone was unbearable especially on the motorway.. i went BCS downpipe and sports cat and noticed a huge difference however now the car is stage 2+ the standard middle and back box arent effective enough for the flow 2+ needs so im booked in for full BCS powervalve.. there are cheaper ways of doing it but i wanted to keep the noise at a minimum when im day to day town driving and then have it pretty loud when im on full boost
Having said that on the facelift s3 8v it's the best cheap mod to do sounds unreal with the pops and bangs in dynamic mode