A great new benefit from Adrian Flux


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We've got a fantastic new benefit which may be of interest to you guys who have the driving of other cars/bikes benefit on your Adrian Flux/Bikesure policy

FlexDrive -

In a nutshell it allows the "Driving other cars/bikes Third Party Only" cover to be increased to “Driving other cars/bikes Comprehensive” for a small fee. The policy will pay up to £20,000 for private car claims and £5000 for motorcycle claims towards the repair/loss of the vehicle!

This benefit is great for people who occasionally use family members vehicles (as long as they don’t live with them). Some examples of when this might come in handy; you are moving house and Grandad owns a larger car you can fit your big furniture items in. Maybe a relative needs driving to the hospital occasionally. For people wanting to take a car out for a test drive (as long as private sale). For people who are often the ‘designated driver’ on a night out. The list goes on and on...

It's just £25 for the year but there are certain limitations so make sure you enquire when calling

Give us a call on 0800 089 0035 or PM me directly!