A2 buying guide - what to look for in a car almost out of warranty



Hi all,

I've recently seen an A2 for sale privately which I would like to buy. It's a 2003, Silver, 41k miles Tdi.

Can anyone offer me any advice on what to look for? I'm used to buying from a dealer and getting the piece of mind that goes with it. I haven't ever bought privately so this comes with a number of new risks which I need to be aware of. Are there any components which have a 3 year life that generally need replacing shortly out of warranty? It does come with a full service history, but any advice you can offer me would be great as barring HPI checks, I've no idea what to look for. And if anyone has any info about the value + cost of extended warranties that would be great.

Thanks for your time, in advance.

James (pre-A2)


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the anti roll bar, causes knocking and thumping , should have been recalled according to audi tech, but wasnt..so you will :sadlike: have to replace with modified roll bar, ****** expensive and not what an audi should be about.


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I too am looking for a 3 year old A2 for the missus....this modified anti-roll bar...is it still an Audi only part?

All help much appreciated.



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Am looking for an A2 for my missus. Any further tips?