A2 Stereo advice


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the missus' car came with the Audi Chorus Radio Cassette, which i thought was strange for a 4 yr old car :scared2:
Anyways, do any Audi units fit the A2 that are CD? ie Audi Chorus Cd version that is a single din unit? there was one on ebay but the guy advised me that it wouldnt fit......so any help would be great!!!



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I know you couldn't even buy cassettes when Audi sold most of the A2's with a cassette player, its crazy!!

The simple answer is yes you can buy a direct replacement unit see pic of mine.

I have it plugged into a 20gb Sony hard drive (the bright light in the tray below) with an adaptor so i never use it for Cd's, Can't stand them lying around at home or the car, but thats just me. Its a good unit the Cd player and i think its a direct plug and play using the connectors (ISO) on the back.

The unit is called a Audi Concert, I hope this helps:thumbsup:



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Unkle, your head unit is the same as mine, I'm about to add a sony 6 disc changer to it in the glovebox, I was wondering if you know if the plug arrangement at the back of the concert is something called quadlock (whatever that is) or not?
To run the cd changer I need an interface adaptor from Connects2, they do one that says for quadlock & one that doesn't, I think ours doesn't have it but not sure:uhm:, any ideas?


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Don't believe it's Quadlock, that was only introduced in the last couple of years, 07 on IIRC.