A2 Suspension Failure


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Right then guy's how's about this one for size??
I have an A2 on a 51 plate. It has covered the grand total of 43800 miles in 3.5 years from new. It has been with the local dealer since Saturday to investigate a sound that when parking sounds like a spring that is under immense pressure being released.
On reflection, the spring could have failed about two weeks ago, but I thought at the time that noise of what I now know to be the end of the coil spring, bouncing along the underneath of the car, was possibly a stone being kicked up by the tyres. There has been no noticeable deterioration in the handling of the car, except for a very slight pull to the right when driving in a straight line. Until this afternoon, I had not seen the failure. Both coils had fractured at an approximate angle of 45 degrees and I'm told about 4 - 6 inches from the corresponding end of each. Has anyone out there come across this type of failure before? Can it be considered to be normal life expectancy of the coil springs? What is the normal life expectancy of coil springs? Audi UK have contributed approx 50% of the cost for the replacement. Any comments will be gratefully received. Regards, Airkraftnutt


They should never fail...thats ridiculous. THey should be paying 100% of the cost not 50%!


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The fact that they are prepared to contribute out of warranty says to me it's not an expected failure - push for more /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

...the springs should typically last the life of the car!